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Dawn of Discovery: Guide

Welcome to Roadwolf's guide to ANNO 1404's (Dawn of Discovery) campaign.


Chapter 1: A declaration of faith.



First thing you have to do is to click on Lord Richard Northburgh's (Richard's) flagship which is anchored near your warehouse. Richard instructs you to build a chapel with at least 8 Peasant houses in its influence area. But first however, he wishes that you look at your marketplace. Scroll in-land a little to the North and you will find your marketplace surrounded by 3 peasant houses. Click on the market place. Richard tells you that everyone needs to be connects to the marketplace by means of a road. He also asks you to build 3 more Peasant houses around your Market.

If you are playing on expert, you have now exhausted your wood supply. To compensate for this, build 2 Lumberjack huts near your Warehouse (but be sure they have enough room to grow trees around it). Meanwhile, while you wait for your population to increase in your new Peasant houses, Richard wants you to check out your Warehouse. Richard wants you to build a Fisherman's hut, therefore build one Fisherman's hut to the left of your Warehouse.

Building Your First Town.



Richard offers you some more Tools and he will also ask if you want to donate 10t of Wood to him for his project. If you wish to spend the money and purchase the Tools, go ahead, however Richard will gift you 3t of Tools when his ship leaves with your wood. Click the green check mark in Richards dialogue box to agree to send him Wood. This will trigger him to leave you a ship. He will tell you he accidentally dropped your gift in the water while he was leaving. You should be able to see its location while you look at your Warehouse. Select your new ship, and right click on the flotsam. This action will pick up the 3t of Tools that Richard left for you. Transfer the Tools to your Warehouse by sailing your ship next to your Warehouse, and then opening its contents and left clicking on the tools in your ships hold. Left click on the terrain to deselect the ship.

At this point I suggest building a few more Peasant houses. I built 6 more. This will hopefully allow your income to get back into the Green, as it is very likely in the Red at this point. Meanwhile, Richard is asking for some Fish for his project. Select your Warehouse to find that you have enough fish to send to Richard. Load 10t of Fish onto your Ship, and send it on its way to Richards Island to the South (not his main city). On the way there, you will pass by some Flotsams which Richard tells you is his, and asks for you to deliver them to his Harbour master's Office in his main City. Pick them up, Deliver the fish in the South, and Richard will also give you some Stone to deliver to his Main City. Send your ship up to Richards Main City, and deliver his goods.

Upon Delivery, Richard will give you some more Tools and a decent amount of Gold. He also asks you to map 2 reefs. Send your ship out, yet again to each reef (consult the mini-map to see the locations, while you hover your mouse the Quest "Averting Danger" on the Quest bar). The far reef in the South East should have some Flotsams floating around it. Pick them up if you need more Wood. When you have successfully mapped a Reef, the game will tell you, and you can move on to the next Reef. When you have both maps in your cargo hold, return to Richard's main city, and give him the maps. Also, if your wood supplies are full in town, you may want to sell him that Wood you picked up. Afterwards return to your town and deliver the Tools you are still carrying to your Warehouse.

Hidden Master Builder Quest.



Note: For the hidden Find the Master Builder quest, you must do the following. First, click on Richard's Cathedral construction site in order to get the Quest. Then you should find him sleeping beside a statue near the construction site. Click on him and Richard will reward you with 1500 gold.

By now, your Town should have advanced to Settlement stage. Build a Chapel within your towns Influence ring, being sure to try to include as many Peasant houses as possible within its influence. Richard thanks you for your help, and the game fades to a cut scene where you are introduced to Guy Forcas for the first time.

Chapter 2: In the Sign of the Cross.



Guy Forcas takes over command, and is now going to be instructing you to do things for him. The first thing he wants, is 15t of Fish, and 3t of Cider. Richard is still around to help guide you for now, and he suggests building a Market Building. I built mine North West of my Town. Around which, I also built 2 Lumberjack Huts and 2 Cider Farms. I then worked on expanding my population a little. Place a few more houses around your Marketplace so you can generate some more tax income.

I also found that it might be a good idea to create an extra Fisherman's Hut as well. This will help you gather enough fish, without taking the much needed food supply away from your population. You may need to sail to Richards Island to buy some more Tools (as your Peasants will be advancing to houses, and thusly will be using Tools in order to do so - Note: you can stop this for the time being, by denying them Ascension Rights).

Once you have enough Fish and Cider to spare without completely cleaning out your wearhouse, transfer the required amount (15t Fish, 3t Cider) to your ship and sail it to Guy Forcas' main Island, "Tuckingham". Upon Delivery of the Food and Drink, Guy will ask you to Deliver a letter to Marie d'Artois whos Island is located just North of yours. Send your ship with the letter up to her Island (but do not deliver it yet). Guy will also ask you to produce and deliver some linen garments to him and gives you a 2nd ship in order to do so.

Again, you may need to purchase some more tools if you have been allowing your Peasants to advance. Send your second ship to Richards to purchase some Tools. Meanwhile Richard will ask you to read the letter intended for Marie. Simply select your first Ship and click on the letter. It should open up so you can read it. Click the check mark to close it after reading it.

Deliver the letter to Marie, and watch how she reacts with joy upon learning that she has been requested to assist in this holy war. She will ask you to gather 1 Weapons crate from Richards southern Island and deliver it to her. Send your ship down to gather it. At the same time you should build your Hemp Fields. Meanwhile, Guy will also ask you to gather 10 volunteer from your Town to take to him. Gather the 10 Volunteers around your town, you will see them with blue outlines. Don't forget to build a Weavers hut near your Hemp Fields so they can produce the garments for Guy Forcas. Also, build a Rope Yard as well. Meanwhile your first Ship should of reached Richards southern Island and been loaded with the Weapons. Deliver them to Marie. She will give you some Wood and Tools. Leave your first ship in Maries harbor for now.

Meanwhile, Marie's ship has run into difficulties North of your Harbor. Send your 2nd ship up to assist it with 10t of Wood. Upon returning from this rescue mission, load your volunteer soldiers into your second ship, and load 5t of Linen Garments and 3t of Rope into your second ship as well - if you don't have enough yet, just wait. Once your 2nd ship is all loaded and ready to go, send it over to Guy's Island. Upon delivery of the Garments, and Soldiers, Guy will ask for Rope. Just so happens that you already have rope on your ship.

Guy will ask you to find a Monk on an Island in the North West upon delivery of the Rope. Send your 1st ship (which should still be in Maries harbor) up to find the Island with the Monk. Meanwhile return your 2nd ship to your harbor.

Once you reach the Island with the Monastery, build your Warehouse on the shore closest to the Monastery and connect the Monastery by road to your Warehouse. You will meet Brother Hilarius, who is actually quite comical. Load Hilarius onto your ship and send him to Guy's harbor.

Before you deliver Brother Hilarius, if you wish to complete all the quests, read the following paragraph. Otherwise feel free to deliver him to end the chapter. For the Quest "The Feast". Load up 10t of Fish onto your 2nd ship and send it down to Richards Southern supply Island. Click on his warehouse (on the Southern Island) and start the quest before your ship gets there. He will give you 10t Tools and 10t Wood for bringing him 10t Fish.

The Crusade Swimmers.



For the Quest "The crusade swimmers" send your ship down into the South West. You will find an Uninhabited Island. Sail around it until you find the Quest (and the swimmers). Guy will ask you to bring him the swimmers. There are 5 swimmers in all.

Once you deliver Brother Hilarius to Guy Forcas, the game fades to a cut scene, and you have completed the 2nd Chapter.

Chapter 3: Departure for the Promised Land.



Guy Forcas begins the chapter in a manner which makes you hate him even more. Right away, transfer 10t of Wood and as many Tools as you can into your flagship 'Santa Maria'. Send Santa Maria down to Port Sacral to build a Warehouse. Meanwhile, I would scroll up to Hookburgh (where the Mountain Monastery is located) and purchase all the Tools and Wood from the Monks as it will take time for them to be delivered.

Build a Warehouse in Port Sacral for Guy Forcas. But that is not enough, he also wants a Harbor masters Office. To build this, requires some stone. There is a stone deposit up in Hookburgh (now you know why I asked you to buy Tools and Wood up there). Build a Stone Quarry (or 2) in Hookburgh to gather Stone. Richard asks that if you have any spare stone, to send it his way for the Cathedral. Also, you are asked to produce some more ships. I would also suggest building an Ore Mine, Lumberjack's Hut, Charcoal Burners Hut, Iron Smelter, and Toolmaker's Workshop in Hookburgh ASAP.

I decided to build my Shipyard in Falconstone, because it was supplied with Hemp and Ropes. So therefore, I had to send 'Santa Maria' up to Hookburgh to get some Stone to build my Shipyard, and ship the Stone to Falconstone. 4t of Stone is enough to build a Shipyard. Note: you may have to buy some more Tools from Richard to Build on Falconstone.

In the newly build Shipyard, create 2 small trading ships. Once you have a ship build, set up a trading route for it. I set up my first route to gather Stone and Tools from Hookburgh, deliver it to Port Sacral, deliver excess Tools to Falconstone, and deliver and excess Stone to Richard, before returning to Hookburgh.

At this point you are probably running into the Red in terms of tax income. Build some more houses on Falconstone. You should also build some more Fisherman's Huts as well.

Once you have enough Stone in Port Sacral, Build your Harbor masters Office in Port Sacral. Guy will be his usually annoying self when you have completed the Office, and ask you to upgrade the Warehouse there. You should also consider Upgrading your Warehouse in Hookburgh as well.

Hidden Quest: "Doublets and tunics"



Extra Hidden Quest: "Doublets and tunics" - Get this quest from Marie d'Artois by clicking on her Warehouse. Simply supply 10t of Linen Garments to Marie at her Warehouse. She will give you 5t of Tools in return.

Follow up Quest to "Doublets and tunics", "High Demand" requires you to deliver 40t of Wood to Marie. She will give you about 1500 gold, and 1 Shipwright's Hammer, which will reduce the building cost of ships in a Town. Obviously you will use this wherever your Shipyard is located.

Guy is not happy with the Warehouse Upgrade. He asks you to build Storehouses in Port Sacral. As it turns out, you may need Wood in Port Sacral as well, I just set my trading route to Load Wood onto the ships at Falconstone, and then drop it off at Port Sacral. Fast forward a bit, keeping an eye on your income, and the Wood supply in Port Sacral. Once you have filled Port Sacral with Wood, slow the game back down and remove the 'Load Wood at Falconstone' command from your trading route. It is advisable to build another Cider and Hemp farm. As well as another Weavers hut. You may also think about upgrading the Market Building on Falconstone.

Meanwhile, back in Falconstone, Build a Tavern for your Citizens. Once that is done, scroll back to Port Sacral, and build your 4 Storehouses. Guy asks you to deliver 10t of Iron to him in Tuckingham. He also wants you to build him 4 small trading ships. I shut down production at my Toolmakers Workshops in order to save up enough Iron to ship to Guy Forcas. I also ordered 2 more ships to be produced in Falconstone.

Marie asks you to repair one of her ships in Port Sacral. Build a Repair Crane there. Once her ship is repaired, she sets off with her fleet. At this point, I removed Port Sacral from my trade route.

Note: Do not send Guy Forcas the 10t of Iron or the 4 small trading ships yet. Unless you wish to finish the chapter without completing the following quests.

Final Quests



For the Quest "Cathedral Construction Delayed" deliver 5t of Stone to Richard's City. You have to click on the unfinished Cathedral in order to get the Quest. This is a repeatable Quest which rewards you with Rope.

For the Quest "A huge responsibility" you need to click on the Warehouse of Marie's former City (Inglebeck). A citizen tells you that everyone has left. It is your job to repair the city and bring back 500 Citizens. Build a couple Fishing Huts on the North side of the Island, beside the other Fishing Hut. Clear everything from your Trade route except Hookburgh. Continue to load Stone and Tools in Hookburgh, and then set the next destination at Inglebeck, where you should unload your ships completely.

On the South end of the Island, near your Harbor, is a Ore deposit. You can set up an Ore mine there if you wish. There is also a Stone Quarry on the other side of the Harbor. You will also find a large amount of Ore on the West side of the Island, with some Forests for Charcoal and Lumber Mills. But Cider and Wood is really more important at this time as the quest only calls for us to build enough homes to ensure 500 Citizens move in.

Once 500 Citizens have moved in, you can send your 4 small trading ships, and 10t of Iron to Guy Forcas. Your next and final quest on this chapter is to deliver 15t of Tools to a ship in Port Sacral.

"Chapter 4: The Lost Children."



Lord Richard Northburgh guides us to an Island called Guelphdon, where we must repair our ships and settle while we investigate where the ships carrying the children ended up.

First off, we must secure Stone and Iron to make Tools. Build Market Buildings in the Open space to the North of the Town. Also be sure to connect to the Mountain Monastery. Not only will the Monks help you with Quests, but they also have Tools and Wood for sale. In order to make a ron Ore mine, we need more population. Build houses. Meanwhile you can also preform the first Quest to find the first bath of missing children. Speak to the monks and follow their advice to search to the North East of your Island. You will find the children in a flotsam along with 12t of Tools.

I would suggest building a Lumberjack's Hut and a Charcoal burners hut as soon as you are able to, as well as your Iron Ore Mine, Iron smelter, and Toolmakers Shed.

Brother Hilarius wants you to bring him the Children so he can care for them (Quest: Soaking wet children). Transfer the children from your ship, to your Warehouse to complete this quest.

Richard will give you a gift for the Grand Vizier Al Zahir. Go to his ship (move your ship closer to it as well) and click on his ship to receive the gift. I recommend building a Repair Crane in your port before heading south, however. You will get a reward for repairing Richards ship as well.

Brother Hilarius asks for you to provide for him 4t of Linen Garments. This means we must make a Hemp plantation. Send your Flagship south with the gift for the Grand Vizier, while you build a Hemp Plantation (Including a Weavers Hut and Rope Yard) in your town.

Upon Reaching the Grand Vizier, he gives you access to some Nomad buildings when you give him the gift. He also tells you of a quest, to save one of his ships. He requires 3t Ropes sent directly to the damaged ship which is at sea. Luckily you already have a Rope Yard constructed. Just wait for some Rope to be manufactured, and send it on its way! Also be sure to give Brother Hilarius his Garments (you may have to deny the item from your citizens in order to get enough Garments to give to Hilarius).

Upon delivering Rope to the Grand Vizier's ship, he will gift that ship to you. It will have Children and various supplies in its hold. Send the ship back to your port to drop the Children off to Brother Hilarius. The Grand Vizier will also give you another main Quest: The Road to Karim. Once the Children are dropped off from the gifted ship ("Ikara"), send it on its way Westward. You will need the supplies aboard it in order to settle a new town on the new Island. Of course since it is a Desert Island, you will be settling a Nomad settlement.

As you can see, Karim wants you to build a large enough settlement to support his interests. After a few houses are built, you will likely be low on Tools, so buy some from Karim. Meanwhile return to your main Island to ensure everything is proper with them first. If everything is good, send your Flagship (with some Tools and Wood) over to your new settlement to help supply it.

Building Tips: Date Farms



You should make some Date farms ASAP. The Screenshot above should give you a good idea where to position them for best results. I also tend to include a Lumberjack's Hut as well to produce some Wood. You will also notice a Iron deposit within the influence ring of the Market Building. Notice I did not use a Oriental Market Building, as they do cost more to maintain. The normal Market Building (seen in the Background), will suffice.

You wont need a huge settlement to reach 145 nomads. Just keep on slowly building Nomad houses until Karim congradulates you on building the settlement, and gives you some Children he found. The Children can be found in your Warehouse. Use one of your ships to ship them back to Brother Hilarius. Meanwhile, build a spice farm on Ku'Raast (your new settlement) and set up a spice delivery route to your main Island with the ship that the Grand Vizier gifted you. I was running out of room at my previous farming location on Ku'Raast, so I built one on the other side of the Island (see the Screenshot below), where there was a lot more room to work with for more fields.

Upon delivering the Children to your Warehouse in Guelphdon, the Grand Vizier will want to talk to you. Load 5t of Spices and 10t of Tools onto your Flagship, and then send your Flagship down to meet him at his Harbor. Meanwhile, check back at Guelphdon to try to get a house to advance to a Patrician Civ' Level. To do this, you will need to build a Tavern, and likely a 2nd Cider farm.

The Grand Vizier will give you a letter to attempt to coax the Mine Manager into giving you some Children. Meanwhile you also recently got wind of a hidden Corsair ship in the South West. Might as well head South West to find the Corsair ship. You will find the Corsairs will not be very easy to deal with. You will also get another Quest from the Grand Vizier to bring him Weapons so he can help you by giving you a Boarding crew. We will deal with this in a minute, lets first go find out if the Mine Manager will be co-operative. Send your Flagship over to the South East.

The Mine Manager will ask for 5t of Spices and 10t of Tools, Luckily you already have that on your ship. He will give you a present and the Children. Send the Children to Brother Hilarius. The Present can be gifted to the Grand Vizier for more Diplomatic rank - you can drop that off on your way up to drop off the Children.

Once you have reached the higher Diplomatic rank with the Grand Vizier, he will offer you warships in exchance for 3t of Carpet (Quest: Carpet trading). Meanwhile back in Guelphdon, hopfully you have reached Patrician level. If not, work towards that now.

Brother Hilarius requests some Bread for the Orphans, and Richard asks you to build a Weapons Smithy. Build a Weapon Smithy, Wheat Farm, Mill, and Bakery. And also check on Ku'Raast, to ensure that its wells have not dried up. Replenish them if they are low. Also, you should have a Goat farm on Ku'Raast, if not Build one now. But deny the Nomads from using the Milk. Instead order your trading route to pick up the milk and deliver it to Guelphdon.

In order to complete "A crust of Bread" you will likely have to deny the Patricians from eating Bread for a bit to save up the 10t of Bread for Brother Hilarius. Once you give him the bread, he asks for Milk. This explains why we are shiping otherwise useless Milk to Guelphdon. Once you have enough Milk, remove it from the trade route, and allow the Nomads access to it again. Likewise allow the Patricians access to Bread if you haven't already.

Meanwhile we can work on Ku'Raast while we wait for the Milk to be delivered. The Grand Vizier wants Carpets. Luckily we can produce both Silk and Indigo here in Ku'Raast. Create a Silk and Indigo farm. Another Spice farm would not hurt either. Finally, build a Carpet Workshop. By now you should have enough Milk in Guelphdon.

Load your Flagship in Guelphdon with 5t Weapons, and then send your Flagship over to Ku'Raast to collect the 3t of Carpet. Once this is done, send your Flagship to the Grand Vizier. The Grand Vizier will give you a boarding crew, and a warship to battle the Corsairs.

Send your Flagship (with the Infamous Boarding Crew) to the Corsair Ship in the South Wast. Activate the Boarding crew by left clicking on it in the ships hold. The 2 ships will connect with ropes and a sword battle will take place, which it seems that the Corsairs have the upper hand in. To back up your guys, send in the new Warship to fire a few cannon shots into the Corsair ship while you have boarded it. This should cause them to quickly surrender.

You will be able to take over control of the Corsair ship. Send the Corsair ship up to Guelphdon to return the Children to Brother Hilarius (and get repaired). Richard will instruct you to build 2 small warships. You will need to build a small Ship Yard. You will likely need another Hemp farm to help produce more Rope for the Ships, as the Weavers hut is likely consuming a lot of Hemp to keep up with the needs of your population.

Hidden Quest: "Mine Explosion."



Hidden Quest: Mine Explosion

Thanks to John Graham, of John Graham Software, who wrote in and informed me of how to complete this quest: Once you have delivered the last of the children from the Corsair ship to Brother Hilarius, click on the Mine Managers Warehouse and he will ask you to bring him 10t of Tools, and 15t of Spice. In return he will give you a Powder Keg which will help in your battle with the Corsair ships.

Once your Warships are built, you have your Powder Keg, and now all that is left to do is to send them to attack the Corsairs. You should be able to easily accomplish this. After the battle, Hassan ben Sahid asks you to come and pick up the children (aka 'brats'). He says that his buisness partner is upset and is on his way to exact revenge. Return the Children to Brother Hiliarius. Upon the return of this final batch of Children, the Chapter will end.

Half Way There!



By now, I would hope that you are aware of how to build and maintain a growing city. Ensuring you have a steady stream of income, while expanding your industries. I will not as often be reminding you to check on your income levels, or your citizens needs, as I assume you can do this on your own now, and react accordingly. This section will mostly be about Quests and preparing for them.

Chapter 5: A storm breaks out.



When this chapter starts out, you will likely be in the red in terms of income. Al Zahir asks you 3 things; Help him against the Crusader Army, Deliver Relief Supplies to him (8 Leather Jerkins), and Settle 690 Patricians in Guelphdon.

Since we are running in the red, I would suggest building some Houses in Guelphdon until you get a good healthy +100 or so income. Soon after you start building, Marie will send her ships to attack Al Zahir's Warehouse at Dar el Marisi. Send your Flagship to gather his people. Do not worry, you need not attack any of Marie's ships just yet. Return Al Zahir's people to his Main Harbor (Shapur el Sheik).

If you time it right, by the time you have dropped off the rescued people from Dar el Marisi to Al Zahir, you will have enough Patricians (690) in order to manufacture Leather Jerkins. If not, then create more houses and wait.

Al Zahir wants you to settle an Island to the North East where he says you can find a River to help with the Leather Jerkin production. In order to settle the Island, we will need Tools and Wood. Chances are we will have barely enough on Guelphdon to provide for a new settlement. I recommend checking your Toolmakers Workshop in Guelphdon (it is located on the South West side of the Island). There is a Weapons Smithy located next door which seems to be consuming all of the Iron. We should have a decent surplus of Weapons by now, so halt production on the Weapon Smithy for now, to increase your Tools production.

Once you have 20t of Tools, and 20t of Wood, load it onto your Flagship and set sail to find the Island in the North East where you can produce Leather Jerkins. Once you have placed your Warehouse on this new Island, Al Zahir gives you a new Quest, "The eyewitness report". He wants you to pick it up from his Warehouse, so let us send our now empty Flagship over to pick it up. Once you pick it up, he asks you to deliver it to Marie d' Artois. I would suggest however, simply returning your Flagship to your Harbor, while we bide our time in order to develop a settlement on our new Island (Roseyard).

I built Roseyard up to a Settlement status. I also built a charcoal burners hut, a salt mine, salt works, stone quarry, a pig farm, tannery, lumber jacks hut (or a couple of them), and a fishermans hut (not nesseciarly in that order, obviously you will need lumber, stone and fish first). Feel free to develop it even more if you have the money and resources. Try to keep the Islands balance in the positive or atleast as close to $0 as possible. Keep in mind that if you produce extra goods, you can set your Warehouse to sell the surplus.

I set my Warehouse on Roseyard to sell off additional Tools, Wood, Salt, and Stone - Leaving at least 10t of each in storage. How do you do this? well just go into your Warehouse in the Trading tab, and select to sell an item (Red -) then click on the item and move the slider to how many tons of the Good you wish to keep in storage no matter what. The Warehouse will never sell off anything less then that amount to other players trading ships.

As an additional tip, you will see in the above screenshot that I have Ships and Towns in my tool bar. In addition to buildings and menu options, you can also drag ships and towns into any part of your interface for quick reference or to select them quickly. Ships and Towns under attack will flash red. You access your ships and towns by pressing F12. I am sure you can also drag Army units on to your interface as well.

Anyhow, getting back on track... I created a trading route for Roseyard to bring Leather Jerkins to Guelphdon. You may also want to go over what else Guelphdon needs and cross reference with anything you have surplus in Roseyard. Allow Guelphdon to receive a few shipments of Leather Jerkins (as your people are demanding them) and then load any surplus onto your Flagship. Load up about 20t of Tools, and 20t of Wood as well.

Once you have your 8t of Leather Jerkins, ship them on your Flagship to Al Zahir. Then send your Flagship to Marie's Island to Deliver the Grand Vizier's Report. Once delivered, return your flagship to Kuhrang which Al Zahir will have gifted to you. You will need to rebuild it, so drop off the Tools and Wood. Then send your Flagship to investigate the wreckage for the Quest "A Suspicious Wreck". Meanwhile with Kuhrang now supplied with Tools and Wood, we can now start rebuilding it.

Down at the Wreckage site, you will find a Flotsam. Pick it up, and send it to the Centre of Wisdom as suggested by Al Zahir. Meanwhile, remember to re-activate your Weapons Smithy and then set off to construct 5 small Warships in Guelphdon. Also Queue up 1 small trading ship. Why 5? Why not 3? Well the extra ships will help.

Meanwhile, now you have time to build up your settlement on Kuhrang. Remember to build more fields for your Date farms. You likely wont need 3 full Date farms. Remove one or 2 of them. Also remember that you need a Small Noria to pump water for your Fields. Build also 2 Goat Farms to produce Milk.

Once your warships are complete, send them down to the Centre of Wisdom. Be prepared to battle against a constant onslaught of Marie's warships. You will likely have to produce some more small Warships in order to cycle them though repairs. Also be sure to pick up the dropped Flotsams from the ships you destroy. You will likely find things which will help you in battle.

Use this time to expand your settlement on Guelphdon if you need more income. Once you get some cash coming in, Build a couple Lumberjack Huts and a Stone Quarry on Kuhrang. Also build a Paper Mill on the River there, and an Indigo Farm.

You should now have enough Dates and Milk in Kuhrang in order to complete Al Zahir's Quest: Support for the refugees. Load your Flagship up with 10t Dates and 10t of Milk, as well as 5t Paper, and 5t Indigo in Kuhrang, and send it off to Al Zahir's Harbor. If you have enough Diplomatic Rank to build a Quartz Quarry, then build one on Kuhrang, Otherwise be sure to Purchase some Quartz from Al Zahir. Then sail down to the Centre of Wisdom and deliver your Indigo and Paper. Sail back up to Guelphdon and Deliver your Quartz.

Once you deliver the Dates and Milk, Ibn al Hakin will ask for 5t of Paper and 5t of Indigo. Luckily you already have Indigo and Paper on your Flagship... You should have a trade ship on a route between Kuhrang and Guelphdon, if you do not, you should have one sitting idle or able to be freed to preform this task. You should now deliver Indigo and Paper from Kuhrang to Guelphdon. Also, it is a good time to think about Expanding your Spice Farms in Kasadir.

Brother Hilarius will have already asked you to provide him with 10t of Bibles (Books). In order to build this, we need Glass. In order to make Glass we need Quartz and Potash. Build a Forest Glasworks in Guelphdon. and then build a Glass Smelter. Once you have 10t Glass, you can Build a Printing House in Guelphdon.

Two Wrecks



Ibn al Kahim asks you to find 2 wrecks. The wreck on the Pearl reef will be guarded by Guy Forcas. The wreck in the desert will be unguarded, Send a ship there to search for items. You have to actually look for them and click on the items, which can be quite difficult in the blowing sand. The screenshot below, happened to be the box which contained the 1 Copper Key for me. However I believe that the location is random.

Once you have the Key, send your Flagship (with some small warships as an escort) to investigate the Pearl reef. You will find the wreck, but you will need to scare Guy Forcas' fleet off before you can search through it. To prepare for this upcoming battle, Al Zahir asks you to bring him 10t of War Machines in order to build some ships.

Al Zahir will ask you to check up on his Goat Farmers on an Island in the South. Send your fleet there to check it out. You just need to show up and fire a few shots at Maries ships to scare her off. Now pick up the population in the Warehouse and return them to Al Zahir's main Harbor.

In order to make War Machines, we need to reach the next assencion level. This means we need out Patricians to be very happy. They will likely be fairly well off as it is right now, but they will need Beer, and maybe Security (A Debtor's Prison). Beer is easy, make a couple Wheat Fields, and a couple Herb Fields... And a Brewery. Make any other arrangements you need to advance to Noblemen. Keep in mind that you do need 1190 Patricians in order to gain access to Noblemen.

Once you have Noblemen, Build your War Machines shop, and wait till you get 10t of them. Then deliver the 10t of War Machines to Al Zahir's Ship Yard. He will give you 5 Warships. Assemble your fleet and head back to Pearl reef to destroy Guy Forcas' Fleet.

Return the Lockbox and Key to Al Zahir. He will ask you to take a Corsair Treaty to Marie. Before you do however, Brother Hilarius has a White Flag for your ship. Activate the White Flag on your Ship and send the Ship to Marie's Harbor. Marie will join forces with you.

Her ships will become yours, so try to protect them as they retreat to your Harbor. Al Zahir will also offer to build you more Warships. Send him as many War Machines as you can. Repair your fleet and be ready for a battle.

Hidden Quest: Distress call to the sultan.



Hidden Quest: Distress call to the sultan. Click on Al Zahir's Warehouse. He will give you an escort quest to escort his ship to safety. You have to bring some ships to his Harbor to start the quest. I would suggest 4 large Oriental Warships.

In return for the Hidden Quest, you receive 5 more Oriental Warships. Now you should have no problem kicking Forcas' ass. Lets go kick some butt...

Once you have destroyed Guy's fleet, the Chapter is over.

Chapter 6: Caught in a Trap



First off, you may notice that this Chapter is completely timed. As far as I know there is no way to actually win this Chapter, you just have to try and hold out.

I played through more of this chapter in Slow Speed. But I was also taking notes for this walk through.

I suggest placing 3 towers and a few encampments of soldiers in the general area of the screenshot shown below. Do not place your troops any closer to the shore then your Towers are located. You do not want to be too close to where the enemy lands. Also build 3 Fisherman's huts on the north shore of the Island where you will find a empty beach just North of the City. Save room for a Warehouse (Harbor) which you will need to construct there later. You will also want to build some (3) Cider farms and (3) Hemp farms up in the North West.

Down on the Island that Kardinal Lucias has landed on, you will find a Warehouse with a hidden quest. Send your Flagship down to rescue the people from the Island and you will have completed one of the hidden quests.

Be sure to connect the Robber Baron Castle to a Market Building in order to access his troops. They will be handy! Be sure to rebuild the old city walls. That is part of a hidden quest as well. Also, in the North East of your Island you will find a Weapon smithy which is disabled. Re-enable it to get more Weapons. There is also a Tool makers shop nearby which is disabled - enable it if you wish.

Hidden Quests



Hidden Quest: In terrible distress. To the East of your Island you will find a small cove with 2 of Kardnial Lucis' warships guarding it. Inside the cove is a friendly ship which is trapped. Take on one ship at a time with your Flag ship. You will need to repair in between battles. Therefore build a Repair crane. But I suggest doing it on the North side of your Island. Build a Harbormaster's Office near your Fisherman's Huts just North of the City Walls. You will get the Flagship as a reward.

Meanwhile you are likely going to be facing an attack soon.

Hidden Quest: Troop Supplies. Produce 10t of Provisions in the Provisions Storehouse at Edenisle. Get this quest from the Provisions Storehouse to the East of your City. This quest is easy enough, however you may have to deprive your population of Beer for a few minutes.

Hidden Quest: Noble privileges. Ensure 333 Noblemen move into the City. Get this quest from the Market Building next to the Keep.

Marie wants you to build 2 War Machines workshops. That is easy enough assuming you have the gold.

Spies show up in your City, you have to find 3 spies in the gated part of the city. You will find the miners camped just to the eat of your city. They are hidden. Send a small infantry division out to the east, just east of the East wall, in the open space. And you should find them.

.. Honestly it will take me a few tries to get everything for this mission. Just ride it out, hold back the enemy troops - keep building your own troops and supplying your current troops with provisions.

Eventually Marie will give you a map to find Al Zahir. Activate it on one of your 2 Flagships and wait. Eventually you will see that Al Zahir is sending his fleet to rescue you. Hold out until he gets here. When he does, he will offer you a ride off the Island. Once you board onto his ship, the Chapter finishes.

I was able to hold the city, and prevent the enemy from coming near my walls. And even had the luxury to wait and try to get 333 Noblemen to move in... Honestly I saw my Noblemen population go from 300 to 700, then back down and up again a few times. The quest did not seem to complete in the game, but at the end of the game it showed as complete.

The hidden quest “Escape with difficulties”: It’s at an extremely small sland south of your island, and it becomes available to you when you click on a wreckaged ship after 7minutes of gameplay or so. (Thanks to )

Chapter 7: The Man with the Mask



Al Zahir is kind enough to harbor us in his protection while we try to prepare to strike back at Kardinal Lucious. Our Island, Diyah is a fairly large desert Island. Al Zahir reports that our Emperor is resting not too far away. He also requests that we build a Date Plantation. Might as well send your flag ship off to find the Emperor while you work on setting up a Date Plantation and some more houses. You should also build a Lumber Mill.

Hildegard von Lewenstein (The Nun) tells you that the Emperor is very sick and is not seeing anyone except family. But she also adds that Richard has been rumored to have been spotted being held captive nearby.

The Nun tells us to go Searching for Clues about where Lord Northburgh is located. She sends you to speak with the Alchemist, Al Rashid, and The Witch. The Witch will be the person you need to talk to. Load up 5t of Milk, 2t Tools, and 3t Wood into your ship before you go however, as she will want some milk before she gives you information. In order to get the Milk to her, you will need to build a Warehouse and a road to connect to her Tree House.

The Witch tells you that the message is encrypted. Be sure to place the message into your ship before you leave, it will be located in your Warehouse on Sheepbridge.

Bring the Message to the Alchemest, which is located on your main island. You will need a road connection to him in order for him to be able to help you.

Long story short, you need to create an Indigo Farm on Diyah. Sadly it is impossible to create a Paper Farm. You can however purchase Paper from Al Zahir. In order to produce Indigo, you will need more population. Now is the time to start building. Purchase tools from Al Zahir if you run out. Likewise now is the time to build your Rep with Al Zahir... Funny he doesn't remember your reputation you built up in previous campaigns. Anyhow, you can get a 'Princely attention' letter from The Nun. Get that and bring it to Al Zahir.

Plant your Indigo, and wait for 6t of it. Once it is ready, transfer the 6t to your ship and sail out to the "Island of no return". Park around back (works best I think) and wait. Your crew will draw a map.

Meanwhile, Al Zahir, wants you to build a Carpet Workshop, and Silk plantation. You can build a Silk plantation on an Island in the West. Load up 10t Tools, and 15t Wood and head out West to find the unclaimed Island. Build a Noria, and a Silk Plantation. Then assign a ship to transport the Silk back to your Main Island.

Since you already have Indigo on Diyah, you will be all set for Carpets once you start receiving Silk. Build a Carpet Weavers hut.

Once you have the Map, bring it to The Nun. She'll give you another 'Princely attention' letter, to give to Al Zahir. Likewise, you will need to create 120 Envoys in your city to gather enough volunteers for the next quest.

In order to do this, we need to Build a Clay Pit, and a Quartz Quarry. Then we need a Mosaic Workshop, and finally a Mosque positioned in such a way as to cover as many Nomad houses as possible. Note: You may also need to build another Date Farm, and Goat Farm.

Hidden Quests



While you wait for Envoys to move in, send a ship up North to Hopton with 20t Dates and 20t Milk on board and click on the Warehouse. This will complete the Hidden Quest: News from Marie. (Note: if your Date and Milk production are below par, add more Date Plantations and Goat Farms!)

Another Hidden Quest: Sensational! Click on the Alchemest's Tower and he will give you a Quest. Deliver 10t of Iron Ore and 10t of Gold ore to him to complete it. You can buy both from The Nun.

Another Hidden Quest: The Prophesy. Deliver 20t Quartz to The Witch. (Get the quest by clicking on her Tree Fort).

Pick up as many rep letters you can from The Nun to give to Al Zahir. We will need to advance to "The Caliph's favorite" in order to build a Coffee plantation and Roasting house for the Quest: Black Gold. You can build Coffee Plantations on the Island directly South from your main island. You should already have one ship running a trade route for Silk, Why not use the same ship and run it to both the Coffee Island and Silk Island in one run, to create a sort of Tirangular trading pattern. Make sure you bring Mosaic to your new island as well, as the Coffee Plantation will require it. Build a Roasting House in Diyah, and you should be well on your way to completing 'Black Gold'.

Once your Miners are ready, use the Move Command (they will be located near your main City) to move them near the Island of no return. When they get there, build a Tower on the Shore, and then you will have to build a tunnel under the fortress. Be sure to Disguise your unit before they start digging. You will have to position them close to the tower for them tobe able to dig. Use the Attack command on the small tower beside the larger part of their Keep. The Mission Arrow will be directly over it. It is hard to know exactly where to click at first, but you basically have to click on the Southern most tower of the Keep.

You will have to turn your Fort into a Warehouse. You can do this by selecting your Fort and in the Bottom Right corner, click Upgrade Castle. Richard is located in the Strong Room. He will want a ride to see the Emperor. Have a ship ready to take him to see The Nun. Meanwhile, send your Miners back to Diyah, and locate them as shown in the screenshot below.

More Hidden Quests



Hidden Quest: Reparation. Deliver 20t Mosaic, and 20t Clay to Al Rashid in payment for damaging his Keep. (click on the Keep to activate).

Hidden Quest: The struggle continues. Bring 20t Coffee and 20t Carpets to Hopton's Warehouse. (Click on Hopton's Warehouse to Activate). You get 20t War Machines for this Quest.

Send Richard to see the Emperor. Then send your ship to The Witches. Give them the package that Richard gave you. You will have to quickly set sail after the 'Cursed Ship' and destroy it once The Witches figure out that they stole a secret recipe. You will find the recipe in a Flotsam. Return it to the Witches.

Quest: Time is running out. Remember when I told you to return your miners to that exact spot near your city? Well this is why. Dig under the ruins just North of them. Chances are 3 to 1 that you will find the Black Pearl. Otherwise, send your miners off to one of the other Islands. Look specifically for the large skeletons directly beside the ruins. That is where the Pearl will be. As for the four juices, you know where to get the Gold and Iron Ore. Izmir supplies the Silver Bar.

Still More Hidden Quests



Hidden Quest: Black Assassins' drink. Al Rashid asks you to bring him 20t Milk and 20t Coffee.

Hidden Quest: The red herring. Build 3 Oriental Warships for Phillipe Lamour, of Hopton. - This is a semi-difficult quest, and honestly, it is not worth the effort involved unless you just want to complete the quest - or to hear a tiny bit of a teaser as to what will happen in the next chapter.

Once you deliver the Pearl and four juices, and then deliver the final potion to Richard, the chapter ends.

Chapter 8: Pillars of Justice



I want to thank a reader for suggesting this solution to Chapter 8, which is better then my own. I have tried it this way, and it is a lot easier.

To make 8th mission easy way I recommend those 4 key tips:

1. Don’t build any new peasant buildings during first 2 phases (no need)
2. Don’t expand to new islands before cathedral is finished (no need)
3. Do all quests (except nobleman quest) to get Master builders and other needed help items for all 3 phases
4. Turn off ascension rights and increase Tax to yellow.

Ok so here is my detailed walkthrough for last mission on hard:

First phase:
1. Build additional Marketplaces to cover all buildings (3 are enough)
2. Regenerate + cultivate production on right (east) side
3. Turn off ascension rights on Marketplace
4. Build new ore mine + smelter + 3x tools building + small Market
5, On right side add 1 coal and 3 wood (delete some roads)
6. On south side double production
- add 4 Fish huts + small Market
- add 4 Cider farms + small Market
- add 4 Hemp + 2 Weavers – use that Large Market already available
- add 2 Crop farms + 1 Mill + 1 Bakery
7. Set Tax to yellow for all 3 – peasants, citizens, patricians
8. In parallel with building production do quests from Al Zahir and Marie
(find spies in Marie town when she ask)
9. around 18 minutes before end of first phase start cathedral building with Master builder on (and add item from Marie asap)
10. Increase also spice production – add 2 more spice farms on bottom island
11. Add weapon and rope buildings.
12. Build 1 Stone hut on main island and 3 Stone huts on top island and add stone transport to Beer route.
13. Stop cathedral build before finish to save few minutes.

If done right you should have like 15 min before end very good income (more then +400) and around 15k gold. And also very good income for fish, cider, linen cloth, bread, spices, beer.

To make that quest for 5 tool workers running you can stop them for some time to allow your 2 smelters to make enough iron and then start tool production again.

Second phase:
1. Do Al Zahir’s quest to get Master builder for second phase and start cathedral.
2. Start to get Quartz from bottom island together with spices (from 2 quarries)
3. Add 3 Potash makers (delete some no more needed wood huts on right side to get room and you can put one also up near fish huts)
4. Make all 3 Marie quests and then stop weapon and rope production.
5. Stop Cathedral building before it is finished to save 35+ minutes !!!
6. Build 5 Glass smelters.
7. Take some wood to top island and make there 15t paper (build there one paper mill and stop it after you get 15t paper)
8. Before 2nd phase end get also 10t iron ore on ship (15t paper + 10t iron ore)
(stop iron smelters for some time to get that 10t iron ore)

Third phase:
1. Go down to Al Zahir for next quest – Strong box delivery (try to deliver it, Lucius sends you away and then Karim asks for 15t paper +2k gold, give it to him and get red flag so you can deliver strongbox (you get additional 20 minutes build time)
2. Be ready near Karim island with 10 iron ore and wait for illness in your town. After it starts and Karim ask for 10t iron ore give it to him and get essence of life… take it to your main island then.
3. When illness is cured get Taxes down to dark green for all 3 building types and build some peasant buildings (around 40) to fill spaces in your town you can also upgrade few buildings to citizens and few to patricians.
4. Until your people will come back build warehouse on Ibn al Hakim island and get from him item for last phase (60% speed up as master builders for first 2 phases)
5. Put item to your town instead of essence of life (you need to exchange them) and start cathedral building.
6. Set Taxes again to yellow (when houses are full)

You should have more then 60 minute time, around 20k gold and green income with all set-up. Quest to get 200 noblemen in town can be done after cathedral is finished and you have Lucius on your ship.

Frequently Asked Questions



This section addresses many frequently asked questions I encounter.

Q: How do you lay fields in farms?

A: There is a small icon in the top right of the farm information window when you select the farm. It will say "Create Fields" - it looks like a fence. Simply place them around the farm as if you were placing buildings.

Q: How do I transfer goods to a ship at sea?

A: For Quests, you should just have to come near the ship to transfer the items. I have found that sometimes throwing the goods overboard and then picking them back up seems to work.
Q: I can’t seem to get my trade Ships to pick up my extra stone and sell it to another island. How is this done?

A: Select your warehouse, you will see a chest with gold on the right side of the interface. You can buy and sell any goods automatically there. Just click either the + or – and choose a good. Other players will then automatically either buy your excess from you or sell you their excess, depending on how you set it up.

Q: On Chapter 5 Marie d’ Artois is not attacking ibrahim at all. Why is this?

A: I believe that the problem extends from getting ahead of yourself, and not waiting until you have everything ready to advance the storyline. However if you press F7 and open the Diplomatic window, you may declare war on her, and she will send her ships.


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