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After a short break from WoW, I have decided that its just about the only game that can hold my attention for more then a day or two, without forcing myself to play.  Of course I came back to find my guild decided to leave..   for whatever reason, I am really unsure, but whatever...  25 buck character transfer, and I am on a new server! Started a new guild on Vashj, and this time I decided to name it something interesting, I decided on Department of Magic, because there were no other Guilds on WoW with a similar name.  The Guild is just over 2 weeks old now, and already is in the top 30 on the server in terms of XP.  The server is fairly new, only about 700 level 70's on the server, Level 20's actually outnumber the level 70's.  So it is growing, and while most of my Guild is between level 20 and 40, they are all learning the game well, and they seem to be forming a great family. I also have some great officers already, and hopfully once the guild develops more, and I know everyones strengths a little better, I will be able to place them in the best positions for their talents and take a lot of the work load off of myself.  That being said I still do get my free time every now and then, but it does not last for long.  Even tho my Warlock (my new main character) is only level 56, I brought him to Shatt so he could easily get from city to city to help people out. Shatt Portals I found myself staring blankly at the Shatt portals today...   something I used to do for hours on end, back on the old server... I don't know what it is with those portals, but you can stand there and stare at them for ages. I imagine a lot of my guildies will be approaching level 70 by the time the Lich King comes out, and we should be able to get a good start on end-game content.  I just really hope my warlock is there by then. Remember, its our past that shapes who we are.  While some may say the Guild of Guilds failed.  I say that it was a success.  Not many guilds last for 3 years!  If my new guild lasts for 3 years, it would be awesome!  Of course I would love for things to last forever, I enjoy the company of good friends and whatnot,  but everyone goes their own directions every now and then...  Not much we can do about that I suppose. This leads me to a non-WoW related topic as well.  My desire to help and nurture.  I have been helping a friend of mine deal with a very serious life effecting situation over the past few days.  It has been rough trying to help my friend deal with this, but I still care for her, and want to help her as much as possible.  My desire to love, and my deep understanding and caring for people I haven't even met in person can be very great.  It often surprises me how closely I can connect to people.  This makes me wonder if I would be a good father?  I suppose so, but then again, I don't like immaturity, so I might be rather strict. Anyhow, thats all for now folks! Roadwolf signing off,

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