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I went to the Toronto Zoo and the Science Center over the last week and found that quite interesting... The Zoo was kind of interesting because I noticed many parts of it were abandoned and such. The Toronto Zoo is the 4th largest Zoo in the world last I heard... The Science Center was interesting aswell. They got rid of several cool exhibits including removing the Laser exhibit and some other cool exhibits to add a huge kids area... I understand the kids area, but the Laser exhibit and such were kind of cool. Also the communication exhibit was split in half and alot of the cooler exhibits were removed from that... to make way for a Social Science exhibit... which is basically about different races and viewpoints... It was kinda of interesting, but I missed the old exhibits. Their making a new section which is quite interesting... the architecture is really cool and their using frosted glass walls with multi coloured lights behind them and various projectors and such to display news and other odd things (like large questionmarks and odd scientific words that fly around the room on the floor...) I didn't understand that, but okay. Their still working on another large section for this new exhibit... I wonder what it will be like. In my opinion the science center is trying to become something between a tourist trap and kids play place now.. and is focusing less on science and technology. for example there is NOTHING about microchips or computers or electronics at the science center... Exhibits (and what are inside them) Space: some not-to scale setup's of our solarsystem... a video booth explaining the moon landings, and a projection room showing the night sky. Communication: old communication technology such as the telegraph and a printing press, and even a quilting machine which could quilt letters into fabric ! wow! I didn't really see anything about Radios or the Internet or any new forms of communication. "Truth": Some odd exhibit about differences in viewpoints and skin colour? I didn't really get it, but I guess its social science. but they got rid of a large portion of the cooler stuff in the old Communication section to add this exhibit. the new section (I forget the name): It seems that they just stuck a mishmash of stuff into this new place... random sports exhibits about the human body and muscles and such. There was some old musical instruments and various sound exhibits and also some visual exhibits. Living Earth: basically a re-production of a rainforest inside the building, with actual rain and such... and some exhibits about pollution in the great lakes and global warming. Kids section: basically, very basic kids science that you would learn in gradeschool. other then that... nothing ! They removed the Laser show, which was quite cool ! and the mock space shuttle ride, where you could go inside a mockup of the space shuttle. They also removed a whole section on animals and a whole section about construction and how things are built... I believe there was also a section about chemical reactions and atomic structures and liquid density and such... none of those exhibits were to be found.

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