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Zoar Valley Weekend.

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Kelly came down this past weekend. We ended up staying in a very ghetto hotel. The hotel manager must of been about 80 years old or so, as he had issues calculating and did not understand about half of what we said. We ended up getting a room for 2 nights for about under 60 bucks, or there abouts. The first night we watched Shrek as I had not seen it yet. We also obviously had some fun ;) The next morning we woke up and went to IHOP for breakfast. Then we headed out to Zoar Valley. We parked at the common entrance point, at forty road and from there we walked towards the confluence. Walking down stream we did not see many animals, however at the confluence we saw a large catfish which seemed to frighten Kele. Walking back up stream, we saw a water snake. We ended up meeting with a few other people coming the other way. Some of them fairly scantaly clad. One group were obviously not educated, and did not understand what I ment by 'confluence'. The other group warned us of some environmentalist groupies who were blocking off access to the nearby waterfall. From there we headed back to the Hotel. That night we went to Red Robins for dinner and watched Madigascar. I believe we also watched The Rock. The next morning we slept in, and then went to Tim Hortons for breakfast, on the way to the Buffalo Naval Park, where we toured the ships. For Kele, it was her first time touring battleships and I believe she had a lot of fun. I ended up getting into a conversation with a volunteer there about the Aud. And so ended a fun weekend with Kele. It was nice to do some real touristy things with her. I look forward to the next adventure :)

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