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Zoar Valley, First Trip

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Well just testing out this new blog thing :P

This Weekend Nightbird and I went to Zoar Valley

Zoar Valley

It is basically a gorge with limestone cliffs on each side, towering often in excess of 300 or 400 feet (or more?). We hiked along the riverbed, which was mostly flat smooth polished rock with some water flowing over it.

Apparently Zoar Valley is known for the nudists who enjoy hanging out there... however I didn't see any... lol What we did see was a snake, a turtle and a cool millipede.

baby Northern Water Snake

baby Snapping Turtle

The Turtle was indeed a snapping turtle. A baby one tho, we originally thought it was a leaf floating in the water. I then caught it by its tail and let Nightbird hold him. Of course we were gentle. :)

The Snake we originally thought was a massasauga rattler (baby) because i knew it definately was not a garter snake. Originally i didnt feel like picking it up because i didnt know what type of snake it was, but then i figured it was so small, its fangs would not be able to penetrate my skin anyhow. We later found out it is most likely a Northern Water Snake. He never tried to bite me, but he did sniff me with his tongue. it felt neat holding him. I let him go carefully and let him go on his way. He was only 5 or 6 inches long so he must of been really young. The mud is because I didnt want to pinch him picking him up so I picked up the ground under him. lol Anyhow. Zoar was fun, and I really enjoyed being out in the wilderness again. I think I may go into a wildlife management type job. it seems to be my type of thing. I bought a new jeep. It is very nice... lol

Roadwolf's Jeep

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