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Zoar Valley - Week 2

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2nd trip to Zoar Valley, this time we walked downstream from Point Peter parking area towards the confluence of the 2 major rivers. I am still not quite sure of the names of each river, but if you are familiar with the area, I am sure you know what I am talking about. We saw a few people out today, and a park warden who was busy threatening people wearing bathing suits, that swimming was against the rules, and they could be ticketed. We were aiming to find the 'nudest' area today, and we ventured upstream on the major river from the confluence, and we eventually found it. It is quite secluded and there is pretty good visibility up and down the river. and there are a lot of nice grassy areas along the side which are quite secluded for someone to easily get naked and sunbathe, or just enjoy being outside. We did see one oldr man who was fully nude, and he was nice enough to tell us about a trail which was easier to travel on, rather then having to fight our way through the stronger current of the big river.

We generally prefer to walk along the riverbed, as we have seen a few snakes and turtles and fish doing so. and it is generally more scenic and interesting then being in the trees. Also it is more of a work out to fight the current every step. Anyhow, apparently this nudest area is not official by any means, and naturalists are always on the look out for wardens and such walking up the river. I personally think that it is nice to have a designated nudest area, and I have no trouble conversing with, or being around strangers who are nude. I would likely be alright with being nude as well, if I was there with a few friends who were also nude. Especially if I was to camp, then I would likely be nude at night, around the camp site, if the bugs were not too bad.

I think it would be amazing to purchase a large trac of land in WNY and use it as a private, but open to the public, nature area, where adults can do whatever. Idealy, airsoft stuff, offroading / ATV'ing, camping, and nature trails / nudest areas. And I wouldn't charge a dime for it. only donation boxes to cover land tax and such. Maybe we can create a group and work on that as a community effort... get in touch with me if you are at all interested. Of course everyone would have to sign a waver agreeing to this, to make sure no one can sue us about it, lol. Anyhow, I saw 2 snakes today.

They were both baby Northern Water Snakes, just like last week, and about the same size, if not smaller. However these ones were a little more agile and feisty then the one I found last week (maybe because that one was hanging out in a warm shallow muddy pond area, and was likely overheated). After chasing one of the snakes for about a minute I actually got a hold of his tail and he snapped at me to try to bite me. lol his head made contact with my finger, but of course he was too small to penetrate my skin. I left him alone then.

So just a warning. Northern Water snakes, do bite. I think I will leave em alone from now on unless they are obviously dosile and inactive. Thats about it I guess. We spent about 3 hours walking. Nightbird slipped about 3 times, I didn't slip at all. other then a few minor times, but I never lost my balance. I must make sure she gets better shoes or something for next time.

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