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I feel so old sometimes. But I also feel so right and justified in my belief system. Like wisdom and knowledge that I have earned over time, have given me insight into what is right and wrong.

I have never been one to engage myself in frivilous political bantering. I am not a politician, and I really don't respect most political types, as I see them all as liars who have ego driven power hungry goals. Heck, if you look at my numerology for my birthday you will find the following statement:

Although those born on this day are often formidable individuals in their own right, they only reach their full potential when giving their all for a cause greater than themselves. Those born on this day have a large measure of confidence and self-respect but generally believe that universal goals have greater meaning than personal ones. Also they intuit that by plugging into a higher cause their own power is only magnified. Not infrequently, these people come into conflict with those around them. That they are critical of social mores is not surprising, since they see society as being in constant flux and turmoil, perhaps unworthy of a deep commitment.

So when it comes to the topic of those who are 'woke', I really don't have time for that non-sense. For one, I have always been one to respect anyone so long as they are respectful to me. And that does include their mannerisms and the clothes that they are wearing when they are in my presence. If you are walking around with your pants around your knees, and wearing a ripped up shirt... You don't deserve any respect, and you will get none. Maybe that is my 'white privilage' culture talking, but sorry. Civilized society took a long while to develop, and that is how the Western world works.

Now, I am all one for equality being a thing. Male and Female, Race... Sexual orientation. Whatever. It is all good. We are all human. (I will say there are truly and scientifically only two possible genders, and they are what people are born as. Male, and Female - tho some people are indeed born with both. Pretending otherwise is proof that someone has no grasp on reality whether it offends them or not). But there again, is a level of respect that we should have for ourselves and others. And if that respect isn't taken into consideration, than your privilage, be it your skin color, or sex, should not be used to give you a free pass. Because as a white male, I sure as heck don't get any free passes when I am not acting in a respectful manner, nor would I expect any - Being a responsible adult is all part of growing up. Don't make yourself a victim of your own labeling.

I look up at my former homeland, Canada and shake my head these days. Canada has become so Woke and politically correct, that most Canadians won't question the narrative, and they are programmed to HATE anyone who disagrees with the narrative. No matter how damaging that narrative is to their own lives, they seem to stick by it.

Because of this, Canada has gone from one of the nicest nations in the world, to one of the rudest nations in the world. Canadians typically are elitest when in other countries. I have seen it before first hand. Heck, for a little while, I acted like it first hand when I had first begun visiting and living in Buffalo. I looked down upon Buffalo, as a slummy city which wasn't as good as the 'world class' city of Toronto. But Canadians are often misguided as to how good they have things. For example, the 'famous' Sunnybrook health sciences center in Toronto, isn't famous at all. It is not known outside of Ontario.

I believe that being 'woke' is a prelude to a full socialist society. But being woke won't change elitism, and also won't change the fact that there will be various classes of society. Sure, the current recession and inflation is attempting to bring most of us down into a lower tier of that society so we can be easily ruled. But I believe that the plan is to use the whole climate change debacle, to fortify people into upper tier's and into 'sustainable' commercial roles in the New World Order. Let me explain. So you buy into the idea of 'carbon credits' and the bullshit involved in creating a sustainable business model, which in the end will cost more for consumers. But fuck them, because your business will be able to operate when the government further clamps down on regulations. Not because it needs to, but rather because it is an effort to strain out the people who don't follow the 'rules' from the higher tier of society.

Anyhow, that is how I see things going. It isn't all about a real need to save the planet. The planet is just fine. Those higher class people will still fly around in jets and live in their luxury homes. But what that whole issue is really about is control. And whoever buys into it, and plays along will be in control. Whoever doesn't, because they are free thinkers, will be punished and left to rot in the lower class.

Personally, I have a good job. I make over 80k a year. But with these price hikes and such, I really am struggling. If it continues, I eventually see them coming to take away everything I own, and dump me in social housing. And then I am a piece of shit. But hey, we are all equal right? :P

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