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I have found that food in WNY is prepared very differently then it seems to be anywhere else in North America. One of the most strangest and noticeable differences is how WNY'ers cut a circular pizza. MOST Pizza shops in Buffalo will cut circular pizzas into squares unless you ask them to cut it normally into pie slices. Another trend has to do with Pizza shops, which double as Taco stands, and Sub shops (and sometimes even ice cream shops). I mean, sure it is nice to have variety. But almost every single pizza shop I see specializes in many types of food. Even the famous 'Just Pizza' (or as I call it, 'Liquid Pizza' because of the grease) which sells about 40 other non pizza items. Also, how about foot long regular hot dogs? can't find then anywhere in Buffalo! The closest you can find are the 8 packs of 6 inch long hot dogs. Unless you are a WNY local, and happen to enjoy Sahlens (spelling?) Hot Dogs, which are packed in natural (read: actual intestines) packing, which tends to 'curl off' the meat as you cook it. Forget about boiling these dogs as well. Because the intestine packing, just melts off of the meat, and floats around in the water, looking like a used condom. I am sure it is perfectly safe and healthy to eat, but it is not visually appealing to myself. And I know I am not alone in that thought. Another strange thing about these hot dogs, is that they are most commonly sold in huge 10+ pound packages of 40+ hot dogs. I am sure every geographic region has its 'original' way of preparing common foods. but WNY seems to have taken almost every 'common' American food group and modified it to fit a local standard.

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