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Windows 10 - Sad Fail

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I am not too sure why it has come to this. I figured Windows 10 would be fairly decent. I mean, hey, this is the platform that Microsoft has chosen to stay with in the long run right? So I imagine it will be like Windows 7, which has been very stable for the past several years I have worked with it. Those who know me, would know that I am slow to adjust to new trends and technologies. I stay with something if it works, and I am not usually the first to jump into the unknown. I am not sure why I took that jump this time, but when I saw that I could upgrade my laptop to windows 10 from windows 7, it only took a few weeks of the icon flashing in the screen for me to finally give in and let microsoft install Windows 10 on my laptop. I say, 'let microsoft install..' because it really didn't need the user to do anything. It was fully automated, and I had little in the way of choices in how I wanted things to be set up. Tho I was reassured along the way that everything would be okay.


Well... That was my first mistake I suppose. Trusting Microsoft. That being said, sure... When the install was done, my laptop seemed to be working great. The system seemed to be responding better, and the interface was easy enough to navigate. However I did dislike how troublesome it was to get to the nitty gritty settings and old control panel applications. It seemed that it didn't really want people finding that stuff. "No, you are too dumb to figure out how to adjust your power settings, slave... Let us do it for you. Just worry about your 'apps' and music and twitter feeds." was just of the message I got from that.

After about 2 hours the computer decides that it is time to install an update, and restarts. However before it could do anything, upon booting back up, it preforms a disc scan right away, and says it is checking for errors. There is no option for me to cancel this or do anything really. I just have to sit and watch Windows 10 fuck up my computer. I say this because when I finally got into a command prompt I noticed that it has reassigned the drive letters to my hard drives and seemingly got them mixed up. I could see all my files, but they were in the wrong drives. I could not do anything overly useful, even from command prompt. The only options Windows 10 was giving me, was to try to boot into windows, which wasn't working; Shut Down the computer (great solution); or reinstall the operating system. Oh joy. Well atleast it gave me the option to keep my personal files... So I decided to try that. Guess what? it didn't work. Then I tried the option to reinstall the OS without keeping my original files... Guess what? didn't work.

I ended up having to wipe the drive, and then reinstall Windows 7 from scratch. So kids, what did we learn today? Just because it is new, doesn't mean it is better.

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