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...Or work, it seems! Being raised in the suburbs of Toronto, I was never exposed to racism. Thus, I don't really think I am a racist, as I look at everyone equally. That being said, I do have a tendency to profile people as I see them. i.e. a grubby looking older white male, with a stained t shirt, walking around downtown Buffalo, I would likely guess he is a homeless person, or crazy. Likewise a black male who dresses like those gangster rappers, I would guess is a gangster himself, possibly involved in drugs. Meanwhile a black man, dressed up in a nice suit, I would assume is a business man. I do understand that profiling is wrong, especially when you are being introduced to these people. But in today's world, where you pass by so many strangers on the streets, profiling is a means for survival. Anyhow, enough of that... Point being I am not racist. But I do feel that I am being unfairly treated as a white male. I know every time I fill out those EOE forms for companies which ask me what my race and sex are, I am basically filling out a form which will make sure I do not get a job with that company. The second I put down 'White' and 'Male' I have kissed that job away. Now there are many out there who will argue against that, saying oh, maybe I am not skilled enough, or whatever. But in reality, I am overqualified for most of the jobs I apply for. I really do not think that these EOE surveys amount to equal employment. In other news... Nightbird got a job... in the few weeks shes been out of work, she must of had at least 3 or 4 job offers, and a number of interviews. So we are back on the house hunting track we were on before she got laid off. Also, I have been working on the Jeep a little. Making a few modifications and installs. I will get into that later.

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