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Also funny to note that I was propagating a 'value for value' John Galt model - before ever having been aware of it, in the chat transcript.

I have known Whisperin since 2005. Our relationship began in World of Warcraft. She was a priest, I was a Warrior. It was a perfect match.

I was still living in Canada at the time. Whisperin and I were getting fairly close, but then I had a female friend move in with me quite suddenly as they got displaced due to flooding, and I offered a place to stay. And once Whisperin found out about that, she disappeared for a while. But we ended up catching up again a few years down the line.

Whisperin is now (unhappily) married with kids. But as of late we have been talking more and more frequently. In fact we decided to meet up recently. For the first time in 16 years, we met and had a wonderful day together.

I am very happy to hear that her family members are in support of her divorcing her husband, and seem to think that it is great that she has me in her life. I look forward to meeting her children, and getting to know them. And I know that we are very much longing for every moment of time we get to spend together. I recently sent her a cell phone on my plan which will help her better keep in touch with me.

She is pretty awesome! And she is special to me. :)

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