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Well some of you may have been wondering why I haven't posted in a week or so. Truth is I have been doing a lot of job searching, and kinda fell into a mild depression. To top that off I had some health problems last week which scared me, since I have no health insurance here in NY. But I am healthy again for the most part. Recently I purchased Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts on Steam. I had the original Company of Heroes, but even though I did enjoy the game, I could never play multiplayer because my computer was shit. Now that I have a nice new computer, I decided to give it another shot. The game runs great.. of course. The problem I find is that there are very few 'noobs' on multiplayer servers. Many of the players have had the game for a long time now, and quite simply they own me almost every time. It would be nice to find some friends who played the game. I am still playing Left4Dead nightly. My clan (Fast Lane Crew) are very nice and fun to play with. So yeah.. If anyone needs a electronics technician / engineer, shoot me an email. I also write and do photography, and can handle property management. I want to say hello to everyone who visits to check out The Aud photos! It is great to recieve emails from ya telling me your stories from what you remember of the place. That is why I put these photos up... to help preserve those memories. Memories are special and they can fade with time. Sometimes memories are all we have to cling to to keep us going. Thanks again for reading... I promise I will put up another location in the next few days.

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