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Lately I have been busy job hunting and taking care of my TF2 Servers. With the help of the plugin author I got Jukebox running on both my servers. Now we can listen to thousands of high quality audio tracks on TF2 while we enjoy the game. That being said I have been a bit bored. I try to make up projects to keep myself occupied. The fire hall stuff is going great, and I had a blast last week when we did the maze. Myself and Tom were partners and of course we do the maze completely blind and completely geared up. It was great fun and a real confidence booster. Communication between myself and Tom was good, and we were the only group to find the victim and retrieve him... I believe they will be working me harder towards interior search and rescue tactics - as that is where I need most work at this point. I am very confident with the trucks and exterior operations -but still lack confidence with interior operations. I signed up for a Fire Police course, as well as a Highway safety course and Firefighter I boot camp this summer. Fire Police is coming up at the end of the month. Firefighter I is in June/July. The boot camp will likely kick my ass. But it will be good for me. Obviously as I did sign up for things, I now will have to work around them if I do get a job. But things are good! Married life is going well, and there is nothing negative to report. I just wish we would have a bit more income.

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