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I am not seeking any relationship right now. I have found my life partner and am very happy with her. This post remains for historic reference.

Having experienced many long term style of relationships, I do believe I have settled on what I am really seeking for my life partner.

  • Attraction does matter, obviously. Saying that it doesn't would be a lie - and anyone who says it doesn't is lying to themselves. But I do look for a natural beauty. Natural beauty however is in the eye of the beholder, so it is what I see in them, that matters.
  • Weight is a concern for me. I am focused on being active, and I do hope to cut down on my own weight. Having someone who already keeps themselves in a good shape, is more inspiring than someone who doesn't seem to care too much about their health
  • Be Happy and positive. Having a smile on your face is huge. Being able to put a smile on my face, and chuckle along, is paramount
  • Income, Education, and background aren't important to me. A country gal who was raised on a farm would likely be perfect for me. Even if she drives a bigger truck than I.
  • Personality is key. Being able to converse and communicate effectively
  • Likely having a more old school outlook, or more traditional values, would be key.
  • Be comfortable with exploring passion, intimacy and sexuality with me.
  • Being mature, reasonable and rational
  • Being sober - or at least the desire to become sober and drug free - is key. I am willing to help someone who wants to straighten their lives out. (Vaping I don't mind, but heavy alcohol usage or drug usage is a concern for me.
  • Needing prescribed drugs to deal with depression, stress, emotional regulation, or anxiety issues on a regular basis is a concern to me.
  • Being here is key - being able to see each other in person, on a fairly regular basis, would be required. (I am willing to travel upwards of 2 hours away weekly)
  • I don't mind someone with kids from a previous relationship. I will even help pay for sitters if needed for dates. I am fairly easy going, but I do feel that I will likely eventually want a child of my own with someone special.
  • Baggage: We all have a past. But I don't want ex-s banging down my door, or any other past problems coming into the relationship to interfere with our daily life.
  • Finances: I would want someone who is able to be open and trusting about finances eventually.
  • Living situation: I don't mind a live in situation. I do even have a couple spare rooms and wouldn't be opposed to someone moving in early on after shortly meeting them, if I had a good feeling about them. There are chores that need to be done, and so long as one earns their keep, it is all good.

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