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Okay, so I know I have been a little sensitive about being called a whacker in the recent past. While it is true that I had basically given up any involvement in the emergency services outside of work and in stead focused my efforts on my model trains and other hobbies around the house. But when the time came to get a second vehicle, I couldn't help but give the Crown Vic excellent points in my book. A lot of the guys at work have or had Crown Vics, and rave about how durable they are. Parts are out there, and usually cheap. And for a V8, they are actually very good on gas. Very comparable to my Jeep in terms of gas consumption. But I am finding that it is actually better then my jeep, upwards of 24 to 25 mpg with regular highway driving. Buying a Crown Vic these days is fairly easy and cheap, unless you are looking for the elusive civilian model. But the police model is very common, and I happened to find a nice black 2007 Crown Vic which ran very good. At this point I said, "Well, if I get a Crown Vic, that automatically makes me 'whacker' without even having to try." But I was fine with that. The Crown Vic rides nice, handling is fairly tight and acceleration is strong. From a stand still you could easily spin the tires at 3/4 throttle. That being said, with the electronic throttle control, and traction control, it is kind of harder to do this on the later models it seems. The vehicle was formerly a Onondaga County, NY Sheriff patrol vehicle. It was a clean roof car, and used for traffic enforcement. It would of been set up similar to this photo I found on flicker by ironmike9. I am claiming fair use for this photo as its kinda hard to find a photo of a clean roof Onondaga County Sheriff vehicle. Anyhow, so I guess now I have to whack it out. I'll be installing a Motorola MC2100 UHF radio, and my Yeasu FT857D. I will also be installing Amber lights to make it a legit whacker vehicle. But I don't want to go too crazy with it. I do hope it will last several years, and serve me well.

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