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Well, it is done.

"Achievement Unlocked: Home Ownership"

Finally finished the process of buying a home. Now it is ours!

The experience of the buying process was somewhat painful and very stressful at times. While we were usually on the ball, in terms of having all the documentation required, there were other delays, which moved our projected April 16th closing date back to May 12th. An example being that they bank kinda unknowingly wrote up an illegal mortgage for us. But alas, I do not wish to get into any of those issues. The important part is that we have our new home.

Roadwolf's Lair

I was already asked by a pizza delivery guy, how I get my grass so green and lush? I have no fricken clue... I just moved in! But any pointers any of my readers can offer this newbie home owner, would be much appreciated!

I met one of the neighbors already. He seemed very nice and approachable. He was very welcoming.

It is located in a quiet downtown area, of a suburb of Buffalo.

Anyhow, this weekend... Lots of moving. I have rented a truck, and starting this morning I will be moving loads over to the new place.

NEXT Weekend... party?

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