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Many years have gone by since I really wrote about Emergency Response stuff on here. Most of these posts were written before I became employed where I am now.

Currently, I don't really do too much whacking or emergency response, at least outside of work. At work, I am responsible for various systems, including fire systems, across the whole city in a multitude of locations. There are times where I do have to respond to fire calls and assist the Fire Department. And I also maintain the radio systems, and therefore I always have the choice to monitor the radio traffic in the city on any given day. It becomes old after a while. The running joke is that a night in Buffalo isn't complete without a shooting, and a structure fire. When you hear that sort of radio traffic enough, you become numb to it. Yeah I have also worked those scenes sometimes. I've seen bodies mutilated. Believe me I get enough exposure to it without having to go out and seek it out on my own.

I still do install a small lighting system on my vehicles. The purpose isn't for showing off, but rather to use either responding to work incidents, or while at work. But also to stop if I happen to come across something. I no longer respond to calls on my own, or seek them out. But I will stop to assist if someone appears to really need help and there is a dangerous situation.

Sadly I am far too busy to join the local fire hall. But for a while I was heavily involved in a city wide anti-crime group. I worked with the residents and the local police and politicians to try to find solutions to concerns. I however backed out of that due to my job requiring so much of my time. I have to have time to myself. :)

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