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Views on the Justice System

I was recently asked what my views are on the Justice System. A good question if you want to really get to know someone.

A little background about me. I have volunteered and worked alongside the Police and other emergency services a lot. I have worked and lived in very rough and underprivileged areas. And I, like everyone else, am not a perfect person.

I believe drug crimes as a user should be more so treated as a social and medical issue with the federal government footing the bill. After all, this is what the DEA is here to prevent, right? Dealers should still get criminal sentences and maybe stiffer ones akin to manslaughter. Drugs have killed many people, and dealers understand that the substances they are selling can be lethal.

I personally feel that criminals shouldn't have the same freedoms and human rights as normal society. I also believe that for some violent or sexual crimes corporal punishment is acceptable if the person has been rightfully convicted, especially after a 2nd offence. I also believe that people convicted of killing more than one person should be sentenced to death, and I don't really care if it is done humanely or not. In fact, you could even make it a sport, and have killers battle each other to the death on TV. The ratings would be sky high. The profits go to the families of those killed.

I do believe the Judicial system is also broken. Judges have too much leeway to make politically driven judgements. Laws in general are problematic, as there are far too many laws, and it is difficult to establish just what laws are being broken. Or not being broken for that matter. Gray areas are a problem. I believe many laws should be abolished, and reformed into a simpler system which condenses all laws into Local, State and Federal laws.

I kind of wonder if repeat offenders (people who like staying in prison), would be better off being carted up and dumped off in a remote wilderness camp, where they could live with other prisoners and malcontents and just have a town all on their own..... and not be provided for. Kind of like the Wild West. They are responsible for their own food, and protection. But they could never leave.

I am sure some might call this all cruel. Whatever. Truth is, you broke the law. You got caught. You got tried by your peers. You are now going to get punished. It is that simple. It is not a vacation. Don't act like it is one.

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