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Vandorf Ontario. A small blip on the landscape, between Newmarket and Toronto.

The CN Bala Sub, Railway grade crossing at Vandorf, Ontario. Mile 31.

The area is somewhat historically important in that it was a point on a major fur trading trail between Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe. Settlement began in 1550, however the original settlement was abandoned and moved further West, closer to present day Vandorf.


Vandorf was a special place for me, personally. Growing up, I recall many fun trips up to Vandorf to spend time with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Their home was located in the woods around Vandorf, and at the time, that was my closest connection to nature. I felt very at home spending time out among their wooded lot, and indeed learned many things out there.

Later in my life, Vandorf retained a special location, in that it became a frequent train watching location, and 'staging' area during my experience with volunteer emergency response work. The large gravel transloading area at the railway crossing, was an excellent area to sit and watch trains, and also to wait for calls. The typical banter would consist of sitting in our vehicles, window to window, and talking about the worlds problems, and how they could be solved. However, there were times where boredom would set in, and we would explore some of the surrounding terrain. I found a nearby pipe valve storage yard to be quite curious, and spent some time in there wandering around, examining the pipe valves.

Today, Vandorf is much the same as it was ten years ago when I last hung out there. However, there is talk of double tracking the rail line through there, and adding a GO Transit station up towards Aurora Side Road. Much of the area around Vandorf is protected as part of the Oak Ridges Moraine greenbelt. Therefore, there will likely not be a development boom in Vandorf anytime soon. However, I can foresee higher density development (4 or 5 story condos maybe?) along the main roads.

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