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Valentines Update 2012

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Ontario Northland:

Things are hopping along in ONTRR land these days. The paint shop is opened, and the fleet is being prepped for painting and detailing. We are just working the bugs out of the systems, and things should begin to move along swimmingly shortly.

As for the right of way, the roadbed is being prepped for the first segment of track; North Bay to Englehart. Much of the mainline will be concrete ties. The sidings will be handlaid wood ties with lighter rail. Now THAT is a project in and of itself, but it is all a test to see what really interests me, and what my limits are. I personally think it will be fun handlaying the track. I will likely be starting some handlaying work this coming weekend.

I am thankful for the advice and help I have received from friends thus far, and hope to continue receive said help and advice as I continue. I also hope to make some more friends too!


The subway system was installed, but sadly I ran into a section which had a longer then usual run, and that put some limits on the distance traveled of the system as a whole. As the signal wouldn't go further then that point. Therefore, I am planning a Beryl Memorial Subway System v2.0 which will not just travel in a straight line, but will incorporate turns and switches. It will be more direct, and will feature repeaters built into the system, instead of relying on the stations themselves to do the repeating. I am sticking with the standard 4 bit system, as I do not foresee need for more then 15 stations on the map. I will space the stations out further then before, having them travel to specific cities instead of between 'city blocks'.

Currently aside from Spawn City, there are 4 other points of interest on the Minecraft server. There is Bikini Bay, which is a lovely bay resort town, along side a massive ocean. The even popular Helm's Deep, home of the infamous troll "CptPiratePete". Frosty's castle, and the Village where the Netherlord "evil.dino" is rising from the sands to take over.

All 4 places, plus Spawn City will feature subway stations, with expansion possibilities for many more stations over time as we venture further and further out into the world.

Recently, some pub's got onto the server and began to troll. We have banned them and reverted the map to a backup copy. We also constructed an unbreakable jail system which spans the whole spawn area. This system requires that someone else on the server let you into the server before you can actually do anything. Otherwise you become trapped in the server.

Furry Stuff:

While I never really considered myself a furry to begin with, many people got that impression of me. It became a little more obvious when I began to write 'furry fiction' during the fall of 2011. I still plan on finishing the story I was working on, however it is on the back burners now. Also, I have many 'fans' who have been noticing I am a little more distant these days. The honest truth is that I just have been focusing my time on the above two projects, and really haven't had too much time to roleplay online.

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