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There has been much talk of two things lately. One being the roll out of a Vaccine, and the second being the 'new strain' of Coronavirus.

Well yes, of course there is a new strain. The Coronavirus is always mutating. It is one of the three viruses that causes the Common Cold! I am not even going to bother citing evidence to back up anything I say in this post because if you don't understand it, chances are you really won't even bother looking into the evidence anyhow. I will however say that people who believe this crap is anything to panic about, are fucking gullible, and perhaps that is the point.

The fatality rates aren't anything to panic over. If anything they are very typical for a bad cold, and about average for a flu. If this was really a concern, then why haven't we closed down the world in the past for flu season every year? We haven't because there was no political motivation to. And if we started using the flu as the reason we close the world down, people would say 'duh, wait, why didn't they do this last year for the flu?'. Coronavirus on it's own, is a highly contagious virus, yes. But it is also not severe for healthy people. Like most viruses, human immune systems can fight it off.

"But Roadwolf, what about those poor people who have compromised immune systems"... SHUT UP. They had to deal with Colds in the past, They had to deal with Flu's in the past. This is no different. They may die, they may push through and survive, but really, since when is this world all about sacrificing the well being of the MANY to aid the few? I guess that is the 'new normal'.

Truth is, the news is complacent in feeding the gullible public a bunch of LIES. The hospitals aren't over burdened. In some cases okay, maybe the ICU beds are near capacity. But in a typical hospital ICU has about 20 or fewer beds. Also, back when we operated normally, hospitals usually ran at 100% capacity. This is normal operations, and the only way they make money. They have to run at 100% capacity.

Now, again with the PCR test. The PCR 'test' is a lab procedure, which can identify strands of a virus's DNA in a sample, essentially. How many cycles this 'test' is run through, determines how sensitive the analysis is. Each cycle magnifies the analysis further. A COVID-19 test, is run on these PCR machines. However a positive result, especially one at 25+ cycles, does not mean that you have a clinical CASE of coronavirus. PCR tests are only supposed to be used to confirm a clinical diagnosis based on other existing symptoms. Running a test on someone who appears otherwise healthy is just asking for false positives, and then in turn false 'cases'.

Now, as for a Vaccine. There have been attempts at Coronavirus Vaccines in the past, because surprise, the Coronavirus has been around for a long long time - and has gone through various mutations where it has gotten more severe at points. The rumor is that COVID-19 in particular was a genetically altered variant in a lab funded by Fauci, for HIV research (genetically altered with HIV proteins for testing, but..) but we will probably never get a clear picture about that because it is all being brushed under the carpet.

In any case, Vaccines for the Coronavirus, or Common Cold, in the past have proved to actually be more fatal than catching the cold in the wild. Think about it. Most of us usually get a Cold every year? Right? Maybe sometimes 2 or 3. Well, that is your body adjusting to the new strain of Coronavirus (among the two other viruses). And in the process your body renews its immune support against the coronavirus naturally. Now lets say you go ahead and take a vaccine which boosts your immune response to a single strain. Great. But now when the new strain comes your body will not be as able to adapt, and you will be hit harder with it because your immune system can't react quickly enough. Fucking brilliant.

Lab animals have died with this, and humans have as well. Ferrets and Mink are actually very similar to humans in how they handle cold's. And you can look into that research if you want.

About 10 years ago, when Purell and other hand sanitizers began becoming more common, researchers began noticing that those people who used these products more often were indeed healthier, for a while. But as their immune system continued along without any viruses to fight, people began to have other symptoms. Mostly arthritis and allergy related, as the immune system became - essentially bored - and began attacking things it really shouldn't be. Eventually this research concluded that having widespread Hand Sanitizer usage was a bad idea, and that humans needed to go back to catching the regular colds to keep their immune system healthy, and to lower allergies. I know several nurses personally right now who are out of work because they have intense allergies and sinus headaches. This is all caused by them over sanitizing, and their immune system going nuts.

In any case, the Coronavirus mutates so often, that ANY vaccine will be useless. And yet they are talking about Certificates and passes for people who get the vaccine. Know what that reminds me of? A fucking star of David on your arm. Fuck that! If I need a certificate to go somewhere, like another country, or a sporting event then I don't need to go there that badly, and they can kiss my ass. There are enough smaller places to go, where certificates won't be needed, because the owners will be smart enough to realize it is all bullshit - and that they will make more money avoiding that crap and allowing people to be free.

Really all we are doing right now is setting a precedent for a future of lockdowns and global control. And why? Because the media made us believe we needed it. Congrats! Well done morons. Listen to the talking heads, but ignore those who are using common sense, and actual experience in the matter who are trying to tell you otherwise. Honestly, I see the world going to shit. So sure, I see no reason why I shouldn't stand up and risk my own life to fight for what is right.

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