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US Airways Hudson Landing

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A US Airways jet landed today in the Hudson River in New York. Initial reports were that it was infact a uncontrolled crash, however it is looking more and more like a controlled emergency landing at this point. The plane is still in tact and passengers are exiting the plane onto ferrys and rescue boats. It does not appear that anyone was injured in this crash. The cause is as yet unknown, but could have been caused by a flock of birds which the plane flew through, disabling both engines. Emergency Water Landings are possible for large jets such as this Airbus A320. They are however very difficult to preform. The pilots of this aircraft were obviously very skilled. Water landings have been a design feature of airplanes such as this since the 70's. The belly of all larger airplanes is smooth in order to help with such landings and also to improve airflow while in the air of course. This was actually one of the reasons why the DC-9 jets and MD-1011 jets had their engines mounted on the tail of the plane instead of on the wings. It allowed for an easier water landing. This Airbus A320 has 2 engines located on the wings, it is very possible that the engines were sheared off when they hit the water, however it is apparent from watching MSNBC's footage that the wings are still in tact. I do imagine that there will only be minor injuries and exposure to the cold issues with passengers. I do not imagine that there were any serious injuries. Both pilots would of had to be fully alert and functional to preform this landing with this degree of safety and success, so I imagine they are both alright as well. Kudos to a job well done pilots! Whatever the reason for needing to land, you guys pulled off an amazing water landing!

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