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Urbex: Buffalo Memorial Auditorium

Urban Exploration

It all started on a cold night in late February. Myself and a friend had decided to scout out the Buffalo Aud. A location which had since been locked away from the Urban Exploration world. We walked around the Aud and sure enough we found a metal grate in the sidewalk which could easily be opened, and led directly to the basement of the Aud. No sooner then we had found that, then we were inside. Traversing thru the flooded basement was kind of a strange feeling. The Ice was at least 3 feet above the real floor level. And not to mention we were in a electrical room. Granted I am sure all the electrical stuff had been disconnected, but it was still an erie feeling. We eventually found ourself out in the arena itself. Wow, I have been in many locations, but this one... this was a crowning jewel. The Bud Granted it took many tries to take that photo. And many return trips! I believe that was a 2 minute exposure with a 1 million candlepower spotlight which i used to light the whole arena. Previous photo attempts were not as successful. The other areas of the Aud were just as cool. The Aud club... moldy carpet and rotting wood paneling, along with a jar of fermenting olives, and the stale beer smell from the taps. It honestly still seemed like it could of been an active dive bar not more then a few days before we explored it. The basement was filled with old Sabres paperwork and letterhead. Also some props, and equipment. In one room we found parts for a Bomb Disposal Robot. Including the shotgun and camera systems. Looters had destroyed most of it, sadly. But, why was there a bomb robot here? Well, there was a story back in the 90's that a disgruntled BPD officer who was laid off because the BPD closed the 'special crimes division', broke into an equipment locker, and stole a bunch of BPD items, including a bomb robot, and some weapons, radio equipment, and drug money. According to the story he then hid them 'under the floor boards of the Aud'. This was a story I had come across before even entering the Aud for the first time. I can not however, find any reference to this event now. I had seen it on a Buffalo Newspaper website. Anyhow, The Aud was very cool. It is sad to see such a building get destroyed. The building was still in decent condition. Sure it needed Asbestos cleaning, but what building in active use today, built before 1985, doesn't need Asbestos treatment? I am happy I was able to capture a few images of what the Aud was before it gets demolished. I have many more images, if you are a huge Aud fan, I will likely let ya view them all if you ask nicely :)

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