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Update: December 2010

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Greetings all, I have been kinda busy lately with work, and play. I am enjoying the working life, and enjoying the people I work with as well. It is nice to be making some money for once and we have a good chunk of money saved up for a house. I can't talk about work too much, but I can say that there is never a dull night. I am starting to think however, that the Buffalo light rail system is much nicer then Toronto's Subway system, even though Buffalo's is generally short, and doesn't really go anywhere. Honestly I think that they should have extended the line to Tonawanda when they had the chance. More commuters, more ridership, more income potential.

Sure, the subway will likely never make money, but a transit system that actually makes a profit is rare to non existant. As for play, well I have been doing a lot of rail fanning lately. And when I am not rail fanning? I am likely sleeping or playing video games of some sort. Boring I know... Alas, I do wish I could find a local friend who was interested in similar things I am. It would be nice to socialize some more. I am currently planning a model railroad as well! When we get a house, it will be my big project. I have already invested about $250 into this project. My model railroad will be N Scale, and will model BPRR, Buffalo Southern, and South Buffalo rail. As well as some CSX/NS interchanges and facilities. Hopfully it will fit in my basement with a realistic compression :) Paddy, my Parrot has been doing well. he injured his left foot for a bit last week, but it seems to have gotten better. He acts so silly sometimes, it is very entertaining.

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