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Today, I was listening to Saint Motel - My Type on the local radio station. I decided to concentrate on the lyrics, and got to thinking about them...

Now, the song itself is fairly catchy and decent musically. I would classify it as a 'hippster-esque' song, in that it seems to be catered towards, and created by that generation. I could be wrong however? I really don't care either way, as this is just my own observations and assumptions. I mean, I am indeed entitled to have preconceived notions or visualize stereotypes based upon the outward appearances, right? Indeed, that may be incorrect for me to make those judgements, or even improper.

My thoughts on the lyrics of the song, were specifically that I would not really like someone to classify me as 'just my type' (or just their type) without really getting to know me first. I believe that stereotyping based upon outward appearances, may indeed give a very superficial and false image of who the person really is inside. Just as I demonstrated above, this may give a generalized view, but it also implies some stigmatic assumptions.

I got to thinking what someones 'type' may be made up of. Obviously body type, hair color, eye color come into play. These are outward appearances which are easy to see. Their style may also factor into their 'type'. Style can depict a social status, or lack there of, associated with various sub cultures. But that being said, style can also be very deceiving. Sub-cultures are, I would imagine, a huge factor in someones 'type'. What you enjoy, what you are into, where your interests lie. And often, without really getting to know someone, you may not be able to catch onto these subtle details. Another aspect is the intellectual level of people. The ability to hold a conversation. Plus the aspect of Dominant personalities versus submissive personalities.

If someone I just met told me that I was just their type, I would likely not be insulted. However at the same time, I would likely also dismiss them as being superficial. Do ya agree?

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