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Two Buffalo Gals Go Round The Outside

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I was busy trying to search for a Buffalo pianist who did a music video a few years back in Buffalo, NY. I think she also plays the Violin? I am not too sure. But I recall the video showing her playing outside Main Place Tower, and a few other locations around Buffalo, including Illos Piano Store up at Hertel and Main.

I did indeed love her music, and she was very cute too. But sadly as time passed, I forgot the name, and now I can't find the song or video anymore. So I was searching around for it this morning. One of the interesting videos I came across was this one from the 80tys.

Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals

Buffalo looked like a pretty hopping place back then. And that was before the downtown area was changed around a little, so the streets look somewhat different but still recognizable.

But what else is recognizable? The lyrics! Holy shit did Eminem steal this? (well at least modify it)

Eminem - Without Me

It sure appears so.

I think it is a very cool and funny look back, both on Eminem, and on 80'tys 'rap'. Notice the lack of any seeming race divide in the video? And also the references and similarities to country music.

Just an interesting little observation.

But yeah, if anyone knows the name of the girl who did a music video in Illos and in downtown Buffalo with a piano or violin? I would love to know! Please tell me!

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