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Twilight Moms?

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I must agree with whoever made this image. I also must agree with bikerbernie. I would like to see a bunch of 40 something year old men screaming for 17 year old girls... Guess what... The police WOULD be called. That is how much of a double standard there is. And while we are on the subject of Twilight... I am shocked at how popular the series is. The intellectual quality of Twilight is no where near that of Harry Potter, or even the Superman series. Heck I think the Venture Brothers is more intellectual then Twilight. Is society really getting this dumb? Cheap predictable thrills apparently somehow engage the interests of many people these days. What ever happened to thinking about something? I think Twilight is just one more step towards the outcome predicted in Idiocracy. Twilight sucks. Read a REAL book.

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