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Troubles Finding a Sub

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I keep on being told that my best bet to find a local sub, is to find a new sub... a young sub, whom I can train. They tell me I would be a good Daddy and that a new sub would do well to have me mentor them. The people who tell me this tend to be older subs who know me well.

My experience has been that younger subs tend to be more focused on sex. They do not wish to settle into any long term relationship or really seem to want a true Master. They, rather, believe and seem to want a 'Master' who just wants to focus on a sexual relationship.

Is this because, perhaps, the lifestyle has been so skewed by popular culture, that it is now shifting to become more focused on sex, than it has been in the past?

No Agenda recently brought up the topic that 'sex' in general seems to be a lot rougher these days then it has in the past. There are several theories, possibly many of them compounding together to have this effect.

One of the theories is that, because of popular fiction such as Fifty Shades, the idea of rough and 'abusive' sexual conduct, has been propagated as something that is to be desired and enjoyed.

Another theory is that because so many people are on Anti-Depressants, Anti-Anxiety and other drugs to numb people these days, the only way many people can even feel anything, is through rough sex. The problem is that in this case, often those same drugs will prevent or make any love based relationship bonding, very difficult.

Another compounded theory is that pop culture in general has been propagating the idea of kinky sex, feminism, and sexual freedom / sexual openness so popular and 'cool' now that people generally feel that an actual old school, long term D/s relationship is considered to be too restraining for people now?

In any case... Yeah, I would be a good caring Daddy. Yeah, I am an established, powerful, and level headed Dominant. Yeah, I encourage growth, self esteem, and self confidence of my submissive, and enjoy mentoring them. But... Will I find anyone who wants what I offer? hmmm... I dunno about that. Will I?

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