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So I went to South Bend for a wedding. One of my Girlfriends friends. It was a fun week, We explored the old Studebaker Plant in South Bend, Indiana. And also a old Ammo plant in Kingsbury (I Think). Then afterward we went to Detroit on the way home... wow, there is a place to write home about. In the downtown core maybe 70 to 80 % of the buildings were abandoned. It was like a ghost town. I have never seen anything like it before. only 30% of the traffic lights we saw were actually functional, the rest were just shut off and not working at all. It was quite amazing. Exploring an old building (of which I will post pics of soon). Which was quite impressive... We ended up getting trapped inside, as the owner came by and nailed up the loose board that we got in thru. That kinda sucked, ya know.. being stuck in a 18 story building / 1920'tys style theatre... We made several exit attempts... but we eventually ended up exiting the same way we got in, because the nails the guy used to re-attach the board, didn't really hold onto anything. so the board was kind of loose... anyhow, it was a fun week...

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