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To Set Love Free

While watching the live action version of Beauty and the Beast tonight, I was at the scene where the Belle and the Beast just finished dancing, and were on the balcony. Belle had just seen her father being mobbed, and the Beast set her free to go save him.

The thought crossed my mind: Beast, you should go and save him too. That looks like a dangerous situation. Don't let her go alone!

But then, I thought that it is important to let those we love face their dangers and trials alone, and leave it to them sometimes to ask for our help if they want it. In the case of the story, showing her that her love for her father was also important and respected by him, and giving her the freedom to run free, was the truest form of love. If it was meant to be, then she will be back. Because it is that kind of love that is rare to find.

To put someone's own desire for love before their partner's love for their family (parents, siblings, or children) would be the sign of someone to run from.

This makes me think of a friend of mine who is in a relationship with a man who is perhaps very insecure. I am not sure if he puts himself between her and her family, but he surely tries to put himself between her and any other male friend. I am sure, sadly, that many ladies end up in such a situation. There are far too many insecure men in the world, who haven't learned to let go, and have faith in their own moral character to trust that true love will return. That is assuming of course that they have moral character to inspire someone to return to them.

On a note related to Disney, do you remember when Scar played dirty, and took over the Pridelands? All the Hyenas took over, and the majestic lions were then in a sorry state and suffered? Just curious.

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