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To Rescue or Not?

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This is a partial unfinished posting which I figured I would post and update. The original plan was to 'rescue' my sub, and give her a firm date by which to make that choice. However that date came and went and she wanted to leave on her own accord. I am fine with that. In fact it is turning out better...

This is an example that Dom's aren't always right, and that sometimes compromise must be made, even in a D/s relationship.

Original Partial Post

My submissive has been undergoing troubles in her current relationship. She has been stuck in, what I would call an abusive, one way relationship for some time now. He uses her for sex, and chores. Imprisons her at home, and forbids her from speaking to any other males. He gives her nothing in return - tho she has tried time and time again to reach out, and get him to participate in activities with him.

Yes, we see how strong his hold is on her, if she has given herself to me. In any case, I think he has been noticing that her attention had faded. He has become more and more jealous, calling here while he is at work, every 15 minutes it seems. Checking up on her. Arguing with her. To the point that she is so stressed out that she screams into pillows.

Her options to leave are limited. They live in a very rural location, and he has been neglecting to pay for her Drivers License renewal. Because she is trapped there, she has no job. And because his own car is barely functioning, he drives her car to and from work. She wants to leave, but is afraid of leaving the relative safety and comfort of her familiar surroundings.

For me this is a story I have been a witness of far too often. In the past I have had some success consoling and talking someone out of abusive relationships. But I have also had failures. Then again, back then I wasn't armed with the knowledge that I... Owned someone... That I am responsible for their well being.

It is with this knowledge that I plan my next course of action. I plan on being very hard and firm on her, with specific instructions, but then to back off for a time period and focus on comforting her, and enveloping her in My love (aftercare). During which time she will not be allowed to talk about her issues at home. However if her issues at home are to the extend that she can not focus on the aftercare I will be giving her, then she will be punished.

Sadly the way her relationship has been progressing, I doubt it will be able to last until she is able to find the means to leave on her own accord. But I have some ideas about that as well...

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