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If you ever visit a Tim Hortons, be sure to try out an Iced Capp!!! they are amazing coffee / slushie style drinks, mixed with cream. Delish! Years ago when they first introduced the Iced Capp's in Canada, I saw a cop order one black, without milk or cream. Just pure syrup. I asked him about it, and he claimed that a lot of police officers were asking for them this way... less fat from the milk, but the same good taste and sugar / caffine rush. So I began ordering my Iced Capp's black with no cream. Think of it like a frozen black coffee with about 3 teaspoons of sugar. The Tim Hortons stores in Canada never got confused when you would order a black Iced Capp. They knew what you wanted, and delivered. It seems I am not the only one who likes it this way. Here in Buffalo tho, the American Tim Hortons stores never seem to get it. I always have to make a fuss about it... I had one Tim Hortons manager tell me that "The Iced Capp won't work if we don't put milk in it!" So what? will the Iced Capp be broken? will it fail to function as a beverage? Apparently his definition of not working, ment that it wont blend to a nice conformed and smooth mixture of equal proportions of syrup and milky goodness. But what if I don't want that? what if i just want the taste of the black coffee / sugar mixture, without the fatty milk / cream (they wont let you even add skimed milk in Iced Capps in the states for some reason). I was able to talk one single store into preparing the drink the way I asked. after holding up the line for about 2 minutes explaining it. The girl asked me, with a weird expression... if it even tasted any good. Of course it does! ugh... Anyhow, I am not about to 'list' American Tim Hortons, but this issue does annoy me from time to time.

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