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I sit here, yet again in Conneaut, Ohio. It was quite an adventurious ride here tonight. A few bands of lake effect snow, along I-90. But my trusty Roadwolf mobile handled it well with it's new tires.

I have been stressed about a few things lately. For one, Money. With the inflation and cost of living driving way up. Thanks Biden. It is surely making it harder to survive. Even making 80k or so, it is a struggle. I wonder just how hard people making less are having it. I am fortunate to have a job. And it is a decent job at that. So perhaps I should just be thankful for that. But part of me wonders - why work my butt off to survive, when people are seemingly living off of the government or some other source, and sitting around all day seemingly? I don't know. Maybe it is the fact that I have some 'wealth' or property that I have accumulated, and thus, I must work to keep that.

But what if I gave it all up? Well... I doubt that would happen. It doesn't seem like a wise choice.

I recently watched the movie Interstellar. Indeed a great movie. I found a chuckle in the premise that the whole world turned Socialist and things fell apart. Or maybe things fell apart before the turn to socialism. In any case, it seems it happened afterwards, because Cooper mentioned that they got rid of the MRI which would of saved his wife's life. So, in a way it foreshadows just how shitty a Socialist world would be. But then, why is it such a rage? I think people have just been so brainwashed and damaged - so dehumanized and removed from what it truly means to be human and live a fulfilling life. In a way I blame big tech, but also Hollywood, and the education system.

On that note, I have found a decent female. Terri is a great gal. Not someone who is brainwashed and damaged, that is for sure. She has a great mind.

I hope, circling back to the money issue, that Terri will eventually be able to move in with me - sooner than later. Because it is very close to becoming difficult to afford the traveling expenses.

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