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The Rescue

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October 20th 2014 was the day that my online friend Tailz, introduced me to Sable. Sable and I quickly grew close, often finishing each others thoughts, and finding that we have a lot of similar ways of looking at things. While we were both looking for RP partners, the relationship quickly developed beyond online Role Playing. On November 8th 2014, not even 3 weeks later, I had felt we were close enough that a collar was an option (both of us were aware that collaring was a very serious, deep commitment). I collared her in roleplay, and soon afterwards, purchased her a real life collar as a Christmas gift.

Our relationship was intense and dedicated, and I learned about her real life situation rather quickly. I hated that she suffered so much, and was a prisoner in her own home. I will admit that I tried very hard to get her away from there, whether it be her moving in to be with me, or her going home... or finding a place of her own. I just knew that she wasn't enjoying life where she was. Over the next 9 months, a common topic of discussion was plans for me to help her get out of that situation. She was receptive, but always pulled away at the last minute... unsure, weary... I understood, but it still pained me to see her suffering. And I believe she wanted to make me happy so badly, that it was tearing her apart inside, trying to bend in two ways. That is when I told her, that it was best that I uncollared her. I hated being the cause of more stress in her life to the extent that she was experiencing. On top of that, the stress was also felt on my end, with me ending up in the hospital with anxiety attacks a couple of times.

We spoke, and usually shared very deep emotions from time to time after the uncollaring. But at the same time we also both went off in search of a similar partner that would fill that gap left behind. I can't speak for sable, but in my case, I never did find anyone capable of filling that gap.

With Sable's natural loyality, she wanted to give her real life partner a chance... Maybe he would change... Maybe things would get better. But after a couple years, she realized that things haven't changed. After about a year since we had last spoken, she returned to the chat room, and within a week, we were making plans for another 'rescue' attempt.

I was honestly very surprised by this, and I'll admit I was caught very off guard. But I agreed to a date, September 10th 2018, for the rescue. Planning and preparation began. Studying the route, pricing out rental cars, and hotels... All sorts of stuff.

A week before the planned rescue we got some bad news. Her Grandmother passed away. It was a family crisis that brought the family together, and even her partner's family was involved. I was ready for Sable to tell me she needed to delay things... Or she couldn't do it. But no... She was ready. She was committed this time. That shocked me, and made me realize that shit was getting real. The plan was a go! But it wasn't without its challenges. Huge hoops to jump through! For one, Sable's mother was likely going to be opposed to her leaving her situation, and there was talk of her mother staying over night, the night before the Rescue. Which would mean she'd be there when I showed up. I was alright with this, but knew it might cause additional drama. However, the biggest hurtle for me, was, the day before I was going to leave to venture out that way, my bank called about fraudulent charges on my card, from Italy. They cancelled the card! So, shit! I had no money.

Luckily, Jolie helped me out big time, by offering me her credit card, to use for Gas purchases, and also by transferring some of my money to her account so she could pull out cash for me. Jolie's part in making this all happen was huge. Without her, it couldn't of happened.

The drive was long, and grueling. Driving through the wake of a Tropical Storm on the way out to Missouri, at night, was very thrilling at times. Luckily, I had Discord, and some friends, Dennis and Lyndsay joined me on a voice channel in Discord to chat with me for hours, along the route. The drive was very uneventful. I ended up stopping at a Hotel in Effington, IL which would accept Cash. Slept there for about 4 hours, then continued onward to Farmington Missouri. Upon getting to Farmington, I had studied the roads so well, that I knew them by memory. However, I will say that they were shorter and less distant than Google Maps made them appear to be. Before long I was pulling up to Sable's trailer. Knocking on her door, and when I saw her.. There was a wave of relief.

We packed the van up quickly, and bolted. Sable was a bit of a mess of emotions herself, but I think soon enough she began to ease up and relax. We spoke together as if we had known each other for ages. It seemed like a natural connection.

Sable is adjusting and finding her way to fit into my life. Her and Jolie are getting along for the most part. I believe Sable a lot happier, perhaps almost as happy as I am. The 4 past years, and the trials and stress... was all worth it.

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