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If I had heard news of what has been going on in Anaheim, CA fifteen years ago, I wouldn't of believed it. But I think one of the signs we are now in a police state is that we are so complacent and used to news like these police shootings and riots against the police turning violent. I think one of the first major signs of the police state was the G20 summit in Toronto ( I know that Toronto is in Canada, but its practically the USA's red head stepchild to the north). Things turned ugly, and stop and frisk was common place. Innocent people were often the victims of non-lethal devices such as beanbags and pepper spray. Only to be told, well, you shouldn't of been there.

There is a problem in this country, and I believe I can see what is happening. The government is scared of the people. Very scared. And the people are becoming fed up with the corruption, greed, and lies of the government. They are also becoming fed up with the Corporations which lobby the government. I think if you ask most any American, they will tell you that there is something wrong in this country. So what can a government which wishes to remain in power to help its corporate friends out, do in order to retain the power they seek over the people they control? Well, you can't send in the military to police them. That simply won't work, and you will have the military turning against the government if they were ever ordered to do anything which violates the rights and freedoms of the citizens of this country.

So what is the next best thing? Well, why not set up a new federal department. Call it Department of Homeland Security, and put them in charge of just about everything from the TSA to the distribution of grain and water. Allow them to issue grants to local law enforcement agencies in order to force those agencies to conform to 'standard' codes of practice in order to receive the grant money. Include brainwashing techniques about how we all must be vigilant and watch for signs of terrorism. Arm the local law enforcement agencies with automatic weapons and armored cars. Install Police CCTV networks on every street corner to monitor and 'reduce crime' - whose real intention is to monitor and keep track of 'suspected terrorists' (studies have been done which also indicate that the presence of a Police camera does not deter violent crimes in the area). And condition the police to use non-lethal devices like tazers at the drop of a hat. They even tried at one point brainwashing the police to believe that it is illegal for people to film them, until the ACLU stepped in and several court cases forced them to accept public filming and recording of their activities. Write vague laws and pass them through secretly or rushed using executive orders and other techniques, which are intended to blur the lines of what is right and what is wrong - giving the law enforcement agencies a broader line from which to operate on. Use that to harass civilians and build them up to be petty criminals for minor offenses, or offenses which wouldn't be crimes in any other country. Use the term 'terrorist' to scare people into believing that someone's crimes were somehow linked to the 9/11 attacks to attempt to gain public support for the effectual execution of some people, or 'pre-crime' suspects, which were towed into the pasture by law enforcement operatives in the first place. Stage events or create false flags in order to maintain a higher 'terrorist warning' level to keep the pressure on. Create a law allowing the government to effectively black bag and/or assassinate anyone who is in effect unhappy or in disagreement with how the government operates. This all boils down to sending in the police to black bag the worst of the offenders when the shit begins to hit the fan.

At first it begins with false flags. The police under the direction of the DHS and other three letter agencies arrest people, or black bag people in order to involve them or accuse them of carrying out or planning 'terrorist' acts. These people are often the more significant and outspoken individuals which oppose the institution - but not well known enough to become martyrs.

As tension builds, and riots against the police begin, the black bagging becomes more apparent, as does the obvious oppression of the police state when they begin to turn violent on unarmed civilians which pose no threat to them. Gatherings will become outlawed, and the internet and other forms of communication are cut off or heavily filtered.

The media is at this point asked to not report on these events and instead reports on fake news, like the entertainment world, and whatever scandal some Hollywood bonehead is up to these days.

Eventually the violence will spread as the oppression continues, leading some people to take to the use of force against the police force, in a seemingly hopeless attempt to do something right. These people will be dealt with in a return of excessive force from the police, and at this point it can go two ways. One way is that the rest of the public stands up, and the military also stands up against the oppression and defends the people at protests and gatherings. The other is that people become too afraid of the government. They hide in their homes, as the government black bags people at will. It is in effect the script for V for Vendetta. Truth be told, like the movie, nothing will change unless everyone stands up against the government and forces a reform.

I do believe that this will happen. Sadly I also believe that the majority of the public, while they are somewhat aware of what is going on, would rather distract themselves with the false news that the media creates rather then review and confirm information for their selves. So the government will move to become a fully operational police state, and the majority of people will settle for sitting at home on their sofas, and thinking that maybe someone else will be out there making a difference for their benefit. Nothing will change unless a majority of the people want change, and take action to make sure that change happens.

To wrap this all up, I just want to say that I am not a member of Anon or any other group. I have no agenda other then preserving my freedoms and rights to live my life and enjoy the activities I like to enjoy. But this site will forsure be scrutinized by the FBI for this posting, and others like it. And I very well may be one of those people who are black bagged for speaking my mind. But I will not be silent. I see injustices taking place, and I feel obliged to speak out. Last but not least, if you want to listen to real news instead of phoney news, tune into NoAgenda. No Agenda is in part an investigative reporting news network, and in part a commentary show which comments on the authenticity of other news networks and what they report on. Visit to download the latest show.

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