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So I have this side job working for a small radio station. Frankly I agreed to it because I was kinda pressured into accepting it, and seeing how things worked out. Well quite frankly, things are not working out. I am not sure how this small station managed to survive 1 year with everything working, but somehow it did. I have my suspicions that perhaps the former engineer was working under the table for them, but can now no longer do this due to legal restrictions. Anyhow... Yeah, in my first week there, the whole automation computer and satellite feed system took a hit from a power surge. Killed the computer, and I think may have damaged the switcher matrix. I had no documentation to work with... Nothing. And no experience with that automation software, or with how the station was operated. Great situation eh? Pile onto that the fact that I kept on getting conflicting stories from various people who thought they knew what was going on, but most of those stories have turned out to be false. Fun stuff. So now, the system is still broken... And I am considering terminating my contract. The place needs a complete rebuild, but the GM's pockets are far too tight, and he will likely not jump at the idea of rebuilding. On top of that, I can't really dedicate as much time as I would need to too fix it. With ensuring that my main job is my main priority, and ensuring I spend enough time with my family, and get enough me time... Its tough. I am not interested in the 24/7 on call Engineer life anymore. That is just not my jive.

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