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The One?

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I know I have found the one when...

1. Even seeing a message from them makes me smile. And knowing that she enjoys seeing messages from me.

2. I find myself attracted to her, and can see myself going out on the town with her by my side.

3. A simple word or string of words uttered by either of us can cause arousal.

4. We can't wait to communicate, or meet.

5. She specifically expresses interest in what I am doing, and wants pictures, and adores the pictures.

6. I find what she does intriguing and interesting.

7. The mention of a collar causes much excitement.

8. There is talk, whether a distant fantasy or a possible soon change of her moving in with me.

9. Our kinks and desires align, and aren't discouraged. And sexually we compliment each other.

10. We can finish each other's thoughts.

2022 Note: I have found The One with 'Whisperin'. She is a great gal. I find her to be attractive, both mentally and physically. She always has a smile and looks at things in a happy manner. We long for each other's company. She is interested and admires what I do, just as I find the same in what she does. We think similarly and also inspire each other.

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