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The Link between The Book of Mary, The Mormans, The Templars and New York

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Zena Halpern's book "The Templar Mission to Oak Island and Beyond" is a great read, exploring evidence of a 12th Century AD Voyage by the Knights Templar, across the Atlantic, to Oak Island, and beyond to Hunter Mountain, NY. The primary evidence for the book was a 12th century document, obtained from the Vatican, entitled "A Year We Remember" (Onteora Document). I will point out how similar Onteora is to 'Ontario' which became the name of the Lake closest to Hunter Mountain, NY. In this document the land near their destination was referred to as the land of Onteora. Also note that Onteora is used to describe the area of the Catskill's into modern times and still today.

The Document describes a Templar Voyage to Hunter Mountain, NY in the 12th Century, to recover Holy artifacts once stashed in the crypts below The Dome of the Rock. Using navigational artifacts discovered in the crypts below The Dome of the Rock.

The Document talks of their Journey to Hunter Mountain, NY, and even mentions that from a Mountain Top, they "can see far to the West, into a land of many rivers as the disconnected fingers of a hand, where live the enemies of the Len-ap-pee." Finger Lakes anyone? Anyhow, they did describe finding things there. I'll refer you to the book for specifics, but they are stunning finds. The Lenape were indeed a local tribe in that region - and still exist. So how did 12th Century Templars know about them unless they were here?

In 2009, a modern search of the area was undertaken, looking for clues. During which they found a rock which appeared to be carved, and had the words IN CAMERA apparently carved into it. Along with roman numerals which indicated a Lat and Long. The numbers indicated an area in the middle of nowhere near Ottawa, Canada, but when corrected to set Paris, France at the nautical Meridian which it would of been at the time, they land at exactly the Notre Dame Basilica, in Montreal, Canada. Interestingly enough, I seem to recall my father talking about a Priest he knew 15 or more years ago, who was involved in studying parts of "The Book of Mary" which I recall him saying was found in Montreal*. This same priest was involved in providing reference oversight in the filming of the Da Vinci Code - which is the whole reason I remember this conversation because I found it interesting that my Dad knew someone involved in that, and also recall that it was a little risky for this priest to be doing that. I believe the priest's name was Father Zinger? He has since passed away.

Also, thinking about this spurred another realization. The Mormons! John Smith found documents of a holy nature which convinced him that Jesus set foot in North America. He found them in a cave in a mountain somewhere near Central New York. Well ... Gee. Given the above evidence, and the evidence in this book, I totally believe that. But I don't believe that Jesus was there. More so that the documents were hidden there long ago. But I do believe that they very well could of been Holy Documents.

Interestingly enough, Onteora was also a location frequented by Mark Twain! He visited the nearby Onteora Club, and his cottage "Balsam" was close to Hunter Mountain. Guess what? He was also a Freemason. This other website describes other documents which hint that it was believed that the Arc of the Covenant was brought here.

The documents apparently found by the templars in the 12th century include a marriage record between Jesus and Mary, and also some missing details about Jesus's death. Quite stunning indeed. But not surprising.

The Book of Revelation is often seen as a doomsday type depiction of the end times. When in fact it is not. This video here sums it up nicely.

* This is from memory, but may not be accurate.

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