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My red 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo was purchased in 2008, for about $4000. Over the years I have maintained the jeep through some rough times, always typically keeping it in decent working shape. The Jeep was a Southern vehicle, and its only exposure to road salt was since we had purchased it, being that I live in Buffalo. This Jeep was purchased with the help from my Father, who fronted the money for it. It replaced my 1996 Chevy Impala 9C1 which was in rough shape.


The Jeep became our primary vehicle for many years, carrying us many places. The 2008 Road Trip through PA was the first of such adventures. It also carried us up to Algonquin Park many times. I was able to work on many aspects of the vehicle myself, but whenever I wasn't able to, my trusty local mechanic took care of it for me.


While I was still unemployed, I joined a Volunteer Fire Hall. I had registered a website with the intent to start a business, and purchased The website didn't really go anywhere, and eventually I got an offer from a real business who wanted to purchase the domain from me. I agreed, and in exchange, I ended up purchasing a Dual Color Torrent Lightbar. This light bar, I mounted to the Jeep, and wired up a lighting control system for it. It worked well for a while.


Eventually, after I have been working a little while, I purchased a 2nd vehicle, and my wife began driving the Jeep on a regular basis. It was still a vehicle that I loved however, and I tried to maintain it when I knew of problems. Often going beyond simple maintenance, to the extent of using premium parts, and replacing items which were wearing, but didn't quite need replacing.


With the intent of keeping the jeep for many years, due to its body being in such a great shape due to not having any real rust, I worked hard to maintain the vehicle and keep it up to snuff. I ended up changing out the suspension and coil springs myself, just because I wanted my wife to have a better handling vehicle. This venture almost physically killed me. I wrote about that incident in a post a while back, about the Jeeps Coil Springs. Indeed, my blood, sweat and tears did pour into this vehicle.


I also ended up replacing the whole lower section of the Exhaust due to the original exhaust beginning to rust out. This was a venture which inspired me to learn how to weld, and purchase a decent welder. Learning how to weld on thin metals of an exhaust system under a vehicle, in a confined space led to many burns, and some cussing.


My wife and I had a bit of a falling out in the way of finances over the past few years. She decided that she wanted to trade in the Jeep so that she could lease a newer vehicle. While I understood her stance, I got a little offended about this. Maybe I had become too attached to this vehicle. I don't know... In any case, after a recent Oil Change at a 'Quick Lube' type location, a Valve Spring went on the Jeep. This was the deciding factor for my wife wanting to get rid of the Jeep. I told her that I could of fixed it, if my work and time on it would be worth my while, but ... sadly, the Jeep got traded in.

The Dealership offered $500 for it. Being that the valve spring was shot, I foresee that the jeep made its way to a junk yard. ~salutes~ This was a great vehicle... and the body was still in great shape. I do really hope that someone was able to save it and keep it on the road. It did have many years left. But alas, this was the end of an era.

Fond memories.... Fond memories indeed.

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