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The Isle


The FlyingCircus Server:

I am running a server for the isle, surprise surprise! The FlyingCircus serer was one of the first very popular servers for the game. I took it down for a while, but it has returned. Currently we are running Isle Region 2, in Sandbox mode with AI. It is set to update every day at 7 AM Eastern Time. I had a little trouble finding information on how to set up a sandbox server. It is no longer a cvar value in the Game.ini file. See below for some of the information I uncovered, as there is a lot which is out of date.

The server is considered a mostly NO RULES server. That isn't quite true however. Below are a few basic rules which we have to maintain order and such...

The basic rules are that there are no gameplay rules. Do what you wish with your dinosaur. You can even kill admins without worrying. Chat rules, however do exist. So be mature and keep chat friendly / fun. Extreme insulting, trolling or annoyances on chat may get you kicked or banned.


The-Isle Rule 1. The server is considered 18+. Anyone under 18 may be banned from the server at any time, for any reason. Anyone under 13 (which is Steams minimum age) should be instantly banned. Players between the ages of 13 and 18 may not be involved in role-play regarding mating, or other adult themes.

The-Isle Rule 2. Excessive whining, or complaining may get you kicked or banned. No one wants to hear your crys.

The-Isle Rule 3. Excessive disrespect, mocking, or abuse of anyone on the server may get you kicked or banned.

The-Isle Rule 4. Inventing rules where none exist may get you kicked.

The-Isle Rule 5. Admins have been hand picked by myself (Sir Roadwolf). I expect them to play fair, and not abuse their powers. That being said, they may use their own judgement when it comes to moderating the server (and thus may kick as they see fit, for any reason). Respect them, and all should be good. This doesn't mean that you have to avoid killing Admins - we are players just like anyone else. But if they are speaking to you about an issue, please respect them.

The-Isle Rule 6. Areas marked in RED on the map are considered no KOS (Kill On Sight) zones. This doesn't mean they are safe by any means. Prey dinosaurs may still be hunted here if food is difficult to find. It just means that dinosaurs of the same faction, or species shouldn't be killing each other here.

The-Isle Rule 7. Players/Families may not guard more than 3 corpses at a time. Clean up dead corpses which aren't being used for food. Help keep the server lag low. If you are guarding more than 3 corpses, you may get kicked.


The following is a map I tossed together of the New Region 2. The names may not be what is commonly used these days, but I transposed them from the original community given names from the original Region 2 map. As far as I am concerned, these will be the legit names for my server.


The following are screenshots from the original Region 2 map...(out of date, but still here for reference)


This view shows Spawn lake, and Hidden pond. Hidden is very close to spawn lake, and a good spot to regroup after a fight.


This view shows Cannonball, and the other side of Spawn Lake, including the lesser known pond called Island Pond.


This view shows Twins, and Cliffside / Oasis, in relation to Spawn lake. A pro tip, is that if you spawn on this side of the map, look for the dual white rock towers (one larger, one smaller) and head there. That is Cliffside. From there it is easy to get to Spawn Lake.

Original Locations

Spawn Lake

Spawn lake seems to be a gathering point for everyone. Herbs tend to gather at the narrow end, and carnivores at the wide end. Due to the constant clashing between Herbs and Carnivores there, it is not recommended to hang around there if you actually wish to survive - especially as an herb.


Cliffside is a decent sized pond, located on what I call the Far side of the map. It is next to the main three peaked mountain, and also marked by two white stone pillars of rock, one of which very wide, the other narrow. From this point, it is a clear shot to get to Spawn Lake, via the Ruins.


Twins Lake is a large lake in the forest at the far side of the map. The dense forest around Twins makes it less ideal for large packs to roam here, however this is a good lake for smaller groups or lone players to survive at. Getting to and from Twins can be tricky at times due to the thick canopy.


Cannonball is located in what I call 'The Foggy Forest'. It is very close to Spawn Lake, and thus a good spot to head to if you need to escape Spawn Lake, and need to hide. The fog in the area makes tracking difficult. Cannonball Pond is also known for the ability for dinosaurs to jump from the rocks above into the water. However this isn't always foolproof, and dinosaurs still sometimes die, or get stuck in the rocks above the pond. The pond is also the only pond deep enough to almost completely fit a pue into up to its head. So it can be a good pond for Pue's to hide in.


Oasis is a small pond located up a well defined trail in the trees, up the main central mountain. The trail can be accessed near the Ruins. Oasis has only one safe way in and out, so it can be dangerous. There are however a few risky but survivable escape routs that dinosaurs cornered up there can take to escape attackers.

Hidden Pond

Hidden is a pond near Spawn Lake. It is nestled in some trees in a nearby valley. See the photos above for reference. Hidden is a good rally point for herbs, when spawn lake is dangerous. However it can be difficult, terrain wise, to approach from the direction of Twins.

Island Pond

Island pond is a small shallow pond located out in the far reaches of the map. It can be located by finding the single white rock tower. The pond is typically only used as a stopping point enroute to larger ponds.

Server Config

To set up the server on my Windows 2008 R2 Dell, I used SteamCMD. I created a .bat file and .txt file in the SteamCMD directory to update it.

@echo off
title isleupdate.bat
steamcmd +runscript isleupdate.txt

@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1
@NoPromptForPassword 1
login anonymous
force_install_dir c:\isle\
app_update 412680

Once the server was installed, it was suggested to manually run TheIsleServer.exe file. For windows it will be here if you used the same path in the .txt file that I did.: C:\isle\TheIsle\Binaries\Win64

You will likely need to allow firewall access to the program and authorize it. This is why we run it manually first. Shut it down with Task Manager, and then proceed.


The game.ini file should appear after you run the server. It will be located here: C:\isle\TheIsle\Saved\Config\WindowsServer

This link shows you the typical game.ini setup:







Note: When the game runs, it will delete any value in game.ini which is considered to be default. Also note, that the link shows +'s infront of the ServerAdministrator cvar's. You must remove those in order for that to work. The text on my page should be accurate.


You will need to forward ports 7777, and 7778. Also Ports 27015 thru 27030 should be forwarded as well for Steam. You will also need to open ports 3478 and 4379, 4380. I am unsure what these are for... You may be able to get away with not opening those last ports.

Startup Parameters

There is some confusion, and no seemingly public post about how to set up your server to run Isle_Region2, or Sandbox. There was much fuckery I had to do to figure that out for myself (and with a few friends who helpped... Nocturnal being the one who found the jackpot for me). No other server admins, nor were the dev's seemingly willing or cares to help with my questions. The new method is slightly different from the original method, and isn't widely discussed... So...

I personally use FireDaemon to manage my server applications, so it is very simple for my to add param's. Using other methods you will have to either create a .bat file, run it from command prompt, or you should be able to create a windows shortcut and add the params into the target line.

Here are the param's I used for Region 2, Sandbox: Isle_Region2?game=sandbox -log

That is it.

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