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The first snow!

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Yeah, thats right. Buffalo got its first decent snow fall tonight. Being a Canadian I love snow. It was fun to get out and drive. I tested the new jeep out...

Its sweet! Some new tires would be nice, not only for snow, but also for off-roading. Having had a XJ before, I must say I really enjoy the Jeep brand. My old XJ could bust through a lot of shit, and it was almost stock. I don't quite feel that this Jeep is quite as hardcore as the old XJ, however I do believe it will do very well with some decent tires. My previous vehicle was a favorite dream car of mine for a long time, since childhood almost. But as it turns out, it was crap. It was a 1996 Caprice Classic (police package). Sure it had power, but it lacked in a lot of other aspects. I remember last winter with the Caprice, the Caprice got stuck on an 8 inch high snow drift! The Jeep has power, is somewhat fuel efficient, and can go anywhere. Hell my old mini-van used to drive places that I bet my Caprice couldn't go. I am really looking forward to being able to head back up into Algonquin with the Jeep and heading down Haycreek for the first time! Assuming I get accepted to the Volunteer fire service in the area, I will likely be outfitting the Jeep with some sweet toys. but more on that later. Having a lot of experience driving in bad weather (heading to calls, and patroling the highways when I did volunteer work) driving in the snow doesn't bother me at all. Each vehicle takes a bit of time to get comfy in however, and feel how it reacts to you and the road conditions. In snow, I will generally drive in full time 4 wheel drive, and in the city, I will stay between 1st and 2nd gear, and mostly use my transmission to slow and break the vehicle. As most drivers know, if you use your breaks on a slippery condition, you will likely induce a slide.

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