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The Docks...

Lifestyle and Erotica

Sitting on the dock of a lake, a young man sighs and looks down at his hands. The sun setting over the water, spilling a cascade of gold and red colors over the land and sky. Sea gulls swim some distance out in the water, disturbing the otherwise calm surface. The dock is located at the end of a dirt road. Only one small cottage, the man's cottage, is nearby. Otherwise the landscape is dominated by large maple and oak trees, and thick underbrush. Crickets and bullfrogs pronounce their presence as the sun drifts lower, sinking below the horizon. The man picks up his fishing pole and begins to walk a short distance up the road to his driveway. Kicking stones as he walks, he mindlessly whistles to himself, then pauses as he hears a noise.

A low rumbling interrupts the evening chorus of crickets and bullfrogs. The man stands and looks up the road, at the crest of a hill a few hundred feet away. Sure enough the noise becomes louder, and the trees near the top of the hill become illuminated slightly by headlights just before a pickup truck rounds the crest of the hill and slows as it descends the hill, a trail of dust following it. The vehicle pulls up next to the young man, with its drivers side window rolled down. A woman pokes her head out the window as the dust clears.

"Hello.. Uh, I am kinda lost, and am low on gas. Can you help me?"

"How much gas do you have?" the man says,

"Well, my warning light is on, so not too much..."

"The closest gas station is already closed, they close at 5." He says, realizing it is well into the evening.

"Ah crap, what about the next closest one?" She says sighing. "There is one about 45 minutes away which is open all night.

I would offer to give you a ride, but I don't think I have enough gas to get there my self."

"Well, I guess I am stuck..." The woman says, mainly to herself. "My names Jenny..."

"Nice to meet you Jenny, my name is Sam, and sorry I couldn't be of more help. I can offer you a cot to sleep on if you like?"

"I may take you up on that Sam," She says, opening the door of her truck and turning the engine off. "May I use your bathroom? I have to go pretty bad..." She steps out of the truck, wearing a red tank top, and cut off blue jeans.

"Uh, well, about that..." Sam says, hesitating "The toilet isn't working..." He looks back at the small rustic cottage.

"Ugh, I hate squatting..." as she begins to undo her jeans.

"I have a bucket..." Sam says urgently...

"Nah, its okay, I'll manage..." She walks to the edge of the road, barely obscured and drops her jeans to her knees without any notice, as she squats down. "no peeking now..." she giggles a little as she begins to pee. Starting off as a spray it quickly forms into a stream and the puddle grows below her.

Sam, having witnessed her dropping her jeans, grows excited. His sweat pants unable to hide his excitement as he pretends to avert his eyes. Jenny looks over at him. "Someones getting a little excited, isn't he?" ......

--- to be continued... maybe ---

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