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Our birds are doing well. Paddy is as friendly as ever, and is learning not to bite as hard as he used to. He is also pooping on command on a regular basis, and we have him somewhat trained to use a perch above some newspaper to poop on. Beryl is also doing well. Him and Paddy enjoy flying around outside the cage from time to time. They both generally get along well, and they even preen eachother.

Strangely enough Beryl has been seen trying to mount Paddy... Paddy always reacts surprised and kinda looks at Beryl like WTF? Little Bird is still without any flight feathers. I imagine she will molt soon. When she does, I wonder how good (or bad) of a flier she will be? Paddy is a VERY good flier still. He has learned the apartment very well. Beryl is still learning to fly, he is not as adapt as Paddy, but he can generally keep pace with him. It was fun today to watch and play with all the birds.

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