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So being the Amazon shop-a-holic that I am, I was browsing around and had added a few test tubes and beakers to my cart, surprised that they were so cheap, and I figured I could use them for geeky cups and glasses and things around the house. I looked at some of the suggested items for me, and found a very cool Baster.

Cool, a Glass Baster! Always wanted one of those... Why? I have no clue. But wait, look at what its frequently purchased with. Sodium Hydroxide, and... Naphtha? What the hell is this?

So a quick internet search reveals that these two substances are primary ingredients in DMT.

What the heck is DMT? Well, apparently it is a drug. . !!!

From what I understand this is similar to "Bath Salts" and generally considered an illegal drug. It is however easy to make at home, which would explain why these items are often purchased together.

Thank you Amazon, for teaching me how to make drugs! (not that I will use that information).

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