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Teenage Girls with strange symptoms in Le Roy, NY

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I always enjoy listening to No Agenda, as I often learn about new things and see different viewpoints to current events besides the traditional media's take on things. Often I question their logic and sometimes think that they seem to go a bit too far. But, I heard this story and thought that they were likely onto something.

If you haven't heard, basically the story goes as such; At least twelve Le Roy High School girls have been diagnosed with neurological symptoms involving involuntary tics and sounds, similar to Tourettes. At first officials were concerned and doctors were puzzled, but now it seems that they have identified the reasons behind it, however due to Federal reasons, they can not disclose the cause.

Parents are concerned, and feel that they are being led astray. “None of us know from talking to doctors what caused it,” one man said. “Don’t say you know, because you don’t. We don’t.”

“I cannot and will not share the diagnosis...” said Young, who works for the New York State Department of Health. But why? It can't be because “It’s easy to figure out who these children are so we don’t want to label any child.” A diagnosis won't reveal any personal information about them. Or will it? Tourettes like symptoms are kinda hard to hide in real life, so its not their symptoms that are subject to concern.

How about their sexual life? Just a random stab in the dark here, but Adam and John of No Agenda did point out that the cause is likely to be GARDASIL, the HPV vaccine which is now mandatory in high schools apparently. That must be a multi-million (billion?) dollar deal there, to make one companies product a mandatory vaccine for females in high schools across the country. So I wonder... Why just these 12?

12 is a nice round number, really. It is a handy number of vaccines to package together in a bundle. I wonder if these vaccines require refrigeration? Maybe those 12 vaccines were allowed to creep close to room temperature, and were administered improperly, thus causing a flawed reaction. Or maybe the twelve teens already had HPV and the vaccine reacted in a negative manner towards other parts of their body.

Either way is it fishy, and I would look towards GRADASIL being the cause before anything else. Why else would this be covered up, even towards the parents? Oh, hush hush, we can't let them know that this product can have harmful side effects if its not handled properly... Lets just try to sweep this under the rug, maybe people will not notice and forget about it in a few days. Not likely! In fact, I imagine we will see more and more of these clusters pop up.

What else could it really be? Well, the following paragraph from show that apparently all other options were looked into.

Private physicians also did “extensive workups” and assessments of each child, including CAT scans and chemical tests, such as testing for heavy metals, Young said. The school itself was tested for carbon monoxide and dioxide levels, volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, mold and bacteria, all with negative results. Young repeated what the school district said in November, that “there are no environmental or infectious causes.”

'Illegal' drug use and recreational activities have also been ruled out as per other reports. Notice the use of the word 'Illegal', for the drug use. Were legal drugs perhaps to blame?

The whole situation seems very odd with officials not divulging any answers. What do YOU think it could be?

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