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The Syrian Refugee problem has been ongoing for almost 2 years now. However, only in the last 3 months or so has it received main stream attention here in North America. I am often asked my thoughts on this issue. My thoughts are slightly divided. So this post is mainly to help me come to terms with a solid answer for my viewpoint.

The one thing I hear people saying a lot is that the Syrians are either all bad, and shouldn't be allowed to come here, or people who say that they should be helped, and why shouldn't we extend a hand. I refuse to take a side here. I feel that, for one, this is a seemingly odd looking mass exodous of people. A majority of the people we see in photos streaming across the countryside are young male adults. Not so many women and children... So this is not quite as typical as what you would see in most refugee situations where you see families fleeing together. Now I have heard reports that these males are seeking out ahead of their families in order to try to get a foothold somewhere and then send for their wife and children to come to them. That is quite possible.

That being said, I also don't think it is so far off base, for a non-muslim population to be afraid of the Syrian refugees. Islamic groups have threatened and basically declared war on Western culture, so why shouldn't we be wary of anyone looking to move large groups of people into our country? I have heard reports of the Syrian Refugees in Europe who carry around huge wads of cash, including 500 Euro notes, which most Europeans have never seen in their life, let alone possessed. So that makes me wonder if this is being funded somehow. A Trojan Horse perhaps?

I chat with people from all over the globe. I enjoy hearing about different cultures and always ask about local views on world events. I have friends in Belruse, Ukraine, Poland, Bosnia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, China, Armenia, and Jordan. Among many other countries... but those are the most interesting I suppose. I should write a post about some of the interesting world views I have noticed. In any case, in relation to this topic, many in Eastern Europe / the Middle East complain that there is not much to do for younger adults. There are no jobs, and school is expensive. It seems that the money being offered to mercenaries might be tempting for some to take. I don't directly know anyone who has taken up that offer and decided to fight for money, but I do know that it would be a tempting offer for many who are struggling right now to make ends meat. So I would say that this is also a generational war, in that the younger generation just has nothing to do! Idle hands are the devils playthings, as they say.

On the other hand, I feel that there is a World War III scale war going on in the Middle East right now. And while the front lines, enemies and players involved are not quite as well defined as they were in World War II, I do feel that a lot of the instability there has been caused by Western Influences and destabilization efforts undertaken by Western Intelligence groups. So I would be as bold as to say that NATO pretty much is responsible for the war that the Syrian Refugees are fleeing. I would also suggest that NATO members are responsible for Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) being as well funded and well supplied as they are.

Russia right now is stepping up to beat Daesh back, and in turn is kinda pissing NATO off a little, as NATO seems to be protecting Daesh. It really is a confusing situation, with so many manipulators and mercenaries playing many sides and showing many faces, that it is really hard, and in the end pointless to really figure out who is doing what. When it comes down to it, the US wanted Assad out of power, because he was trying to pressure OPEC to trade oil under a different currency than the US Dollar, and this is why he had to go. As far as I am aware, he really had no history of having violated any humanitarian rights. And people generally like him as a leader. That, is kinda how I see things.

So we kinda caused that war. So should we accept the burden of dealing with the refugees? Many of them likely know that we caused this war they are fleeing from? That might be a tad dangerous. I imagine there is some resentment towards the US and other Western Powers for letting this war happen which caused them to have to uproot.

I look at Canada winterizing their Barracks in preparation for receiving the refugees... Is that our plan? Let them stay at our military bases? Sounds secure.

History teaches us that sometimes things aren't always as they appear. History also teaches us that those who migrate out of their homeland in order to find a new home, often prefer to settle somewhere new, rather than be taken in and have to live off of a welfare system. My suggestion, especially for Canada, Russia, Australia, and the States would be to find some 'crown' land somewhere which you can subdivide out to these refugees, and give them the land, some basic tools, seeds, and a ride up to the land. Drop them off in the spring, and tell them to make a place for themselves. A settlement. I think in the end this would be more secure, and more productive for them, and us all. Some undeveloped area gets developed. The people get to build a place for themselves, and live in safety. The taxpayers don't have to worry about having to pay for them on some welfare plan.

I doubt we will see such a plan take fold however, as our culture has turned to shit... For that would likely be considered 'cruel'. But was it cruel back when the European settlers settled North America? Hell yeah, but they too were mostly refugees. Many died in their first years here, as things were tough. But look at what we have achieved. Life isn't always a fairytale. Life is cruel. Life is unfair. You are not a special snowflake. Nor am I.

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