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Syria, Libya, and the Twin Towers...

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I believe that Adam Curry and John C Dvorak have hit the nail on the head in regards to Syria. As to say that much of the issue there is a false flag, and most of the disruption is being caused by corporate mercenaries which are trying to disrupt the natural gas pipelines, in addition to false flag movements by the French, Russian, American and Israel governments.

Why would this be important?

For hundreds of years Israel hasn't had any marketable natural resources. Now, the Levant (Leviathan) gas fields have been found in much of Israel's borders. The Leviathan gas field is one of the richest natural gas deposits in the world, and it is very close to Europe. Europe is the 2nd largest Natural Gas market in the world, and with Nuclear power in Europe becoming taboo, Natural Gas is the next cleanest, cheapest, and most abundant power source for the continent.

Well, Israel is looking at this all with dollar signs in their eyes. But how to get this gas to Europe? Their arch rival, Syria, is in the way... Well, this is when you do some dirty backroom dealing, and convince various factions that they need to make Syria a warzone. This is all theory of course, but think about it. Israel has been at war with Syria for how long now? ages... most people can't even remember when the conflict began. I would be willing to bet that the CIA is behind much of the propaganda surrounding the Syria false flag.

The thing is, a lot of this is corporate warfare. Natural gas is big money. It may be cheap, but it is plentiful and fairly easy to manage. Assuming you dont have people trying to blow up your pipelines every other day. Which is what is happening in Homs, Syria. Homs is home to a large pipeline coming up from Egypt. It is being worked on still, but it is a big project. Well, Israel wants to build a pipeline too... But they want to raise the price of natural gas. So why not bomb a few pipelines to raise demand.

The rumor is that Israel is going to be building a natural gas pipeline underwater connecting to Greece. Completely avoiding their rival countries. But, if that doesn't work out, they need to prepare for a land based pipeline. Strangely enough Syria's oil minister has recently resigned to join the anti-government movement... This is yet more ammo towards the theory that this whole thing is a corporate war, which has big money at stake depending what side you are on.

Our military has states a desire not to get involved in Syria (or for that matter Iran), but our government is now considering sending them in, as they did in Libya (which WAS a false flag war) which was an oil war. American oil companies occupied oil plants in Libya during the entire conflict, uninterrupted by the fighting, while other countries evacuated their workers. The 'rebels' in Libya were actually al-Qaeda. And again, we were working with them... And the 'rebels' were the ones attacking the civilians, not the army...

There are reports that al-Qaeda is also in Syria. Not only are they in Syria, but they are working with the US! This is interesting. I think about the US working with al-Qaeda in Syria, and also in Libya... And what about Afganistan? This is getting pretty fucked up. Russia Today refers to al-Qaeda as AL-CIAda, and I am starting to think they are right...

So I guess this can even point back twelve years, and we look at the twin towers. al-Qaeda claimed responsibility, so does this mean it was all planned by the CIA? The CIA has been known to work with the Israel version of the CIA, Mossad for ages, in fact all the way back to the JFK assassination. Together, they have worked closely over the years, planning, plotting, killing, and exchanging money. Why was it that no Jewish people came to work at the Twin Towers, on the day the planes hit? Over 100 of them called in sick, from what I can remember.

It is also interesting that Afganistan has turned into a huge opium production source since our troops stepped foot on the ground. The Taliban actually tried to adhere to a United Nations mandate to reduce drug production, and actually initiated the most successful anti-drug campaign, reducing production nationwide by 91%. When the US took over, production increased by over 1000% by some reports!!!

I think it is safe to say one should be skeptical when they hear that al-Queda is involved somewhere. That likely means the US or Israel is behind the mission in some way.

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