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Swingers Group Takes over Holiday Inn

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On the Weekend of Niagara Doors opened, one hotel is closing its doors to the public. The Grand Island Holiday Inn will be closing its doors this coming weekend for a swingers convention. Full story located here. I just wanted to share my thoughts and respond to many of the comments and protesters out there - even though I know they are set in their ways, and someones opinion will not change their mind. Some of you forget that the United States is not, or should not be a religious state. Yes, in 'God' we trust - but the definition of 'God' is open to interpretation; For some it may mean their parents, i.e. a Creator... For others it may mean Mother Nature... And for others it will define a galactic superpower which created everything that we know of. That being said, I really get sick and tired of christian groups claiming they can somehow overrule that whole 'free country' thing we got going on. Sure, if they were doing it in your Church, or in your homes, or in a public place like a community center, you have every right to be upset. But a hotel is a business. Its purpose is to hold conventions and such. This is normal operating procedure for a hotel. Whether it be a swingers party, a business convention, a movie shoot, or a high level government meeting. People (read "swingers") have every right to engage in any type of sexual act they wish, so long as its willing, and everyone is of age. And they have a right to rent out an entire hotel and do the same. Just because this may go against your religious ideals, does not mean it goes against their religious ideals. You Christians must realize that religious law only applies to those who are part of that religion, unless we are living in a religious state, which we are not. This is just another example of how christian groups seem to think that no one is right unless they are abiding by their rules. This is so far from the truth its not even funny. Infact it is a bit frightening. I am much less likely to visit a church now. I was raised as a Roman Catholic... And served as an altar boy for several years. So you really can't say I haven't seen both sides. I have... To the swingers: Have Fun! Wish I could get invited! Had I known about it previously, I would of been there with my wife. To the church: Get your noses out of other peoples lives, and stop trying to press your religious views / laws on everyone in the world. In a time when the church is loosing popularity, this is a very bad move and will cause more people to turn away from it. Let them have their fun... Remember your cardinal sins... Envy is one of them. And quite honestly, I think that is the biggest issue at hand here. If anyone is breaking religious law here, it is you.

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