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I have been focusing a lot of my attention lately on my Aquarium project. But I still hope to push forward on my model railroad project. One of my biggest fears with my model railroad project, is that I will have to sell the house, and all of my work on a layout will have gone to waste. That sort of fear, the fear of loosing all my work and not having any say about it, is a roadblock for sure. A roadblock I have to work my way through if I am to enjoy my hobbies. I can not allow such a fear to suppress me.

I have three projects I wish to focus on this summer. One of those projects is to continue the body work on my truck. I do not believe I have really mentioned that too much on the blog, so perhaps a post is needed specifically for that. The other project is my Aquarium project, and the third is to get some track laid for the railroad.

Support in that regard would be nice. Moral support, the showing of interest, or even helping out. In the end, I think that having an operational switching layout, will be a fun social 'game night' type activity. Like a giant board game.

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