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SVN Mainline Timetable


Mile 0: Barrington Transfer Yard

Barrington Transfer Yard is a 5 track yard at the Southern terminus of SVN's main line. Usually staffed by a local switching crew, the yards main role is to shuffle cars between the 2 CN Transfer tracks (not included in the 5 track count) and the SVN trackage.

Mile 0.1: Barrington Rebuild Plant & Industrial Siding.

While this technically begins in the yard, the track that services the local industries in Barrington is said to originate at milepost 0.1. This is due to the original switch being located just down the mainline from the yard throat. The siding was extended when the rebuild plant was built and now allows the local switching job to do much of its work without requesting access to the mainline. There is one outside storage track at the rebuild facility, which parallels the siding, and 3 tracks which enter the building. It is a modern warehouse looking structure, about 200ft long. The tracks dead end inside the building.

Other industries on the siding include a metal scrap yard with a single track, about 3 gondolas long; GenTec has a Generator service facility with a single track when enters their warehouse; And down the siding a bit further is a Milling company who produces cardboard from pulpwood. This plant produces almost daily traffic.

Track 5, which is the Run Around track for the yard, and also the Station Platform track, joins the mainline here separately from the yard throat. Track 5 and the yard throat both have their own two aspect signal to provide Northbound clearance onto the mainline.

Mile 0.8: Harold Road Grade Crossing

A crossing with lights and gates. A two lane road with a center lane (for turning), this is a busy road connecting two neighborhoods in Barrington. This location has a two aspect signal for Southbound traffic.

Mile 5.1: Luna Lake Road Grade Crossing

A crossing which consists of a gravel road. This road services the wildlife refuge and the mine facility. It is protected by lights only. An old siding used to be located here. It could be reinstalled, however if it is deemed that it is needed.

Mile 7: Luna Lake Branch Overpass

A steel girder bridge over the Luna Lake branchline as it passes under the mainline and heads East towards Luna Lake.

Mile 8: Luna Lake Branchline

Heading North, this branchline enters from the West, as a trailing point switch. A Northbound single aspect signal is present here prior to the switch, with an Absolute sign afixed to the post. The branch also has a signal prior to the switch, for protection. Any occupancy beyond those switches will turn them both Red.

Mile 9.1: Barrel Road Grade Crossing

A low traffic gravel road crossing, protected by aging signals and gates. A two aspect signal is also located here for Northbound trains, controlling the approach to Franks Hill.

Mile 10-12: Franks Hill Siding

A recently upgraded 2 mile long high speed siding. Both tracks are maintained to mainline spec and speed. Brand new two aspect approaching signals are placed at either end of the siding, along with brand new absolute signals at each end of each siding track.

Mile 13.2

Franks Hill Siding Southbound Approach signal, is a two aspect signal controlling the approach to Franks Hill from the North.

Mile 18.3: Hannah Storage

A single ended siding is located here for storage of MOW equipment. About 300ft long, it is often used to park snow clearing equipment. It is highly overgrown and only the first 100ft is usable by any heavy locomotive. The track branches off of the siding track.

Mile 18.3-19: Hannah Siding

Hannah siding is a manually controlled passing siding. The speed limit is 10km/h. The siding is protected by two aspect signals at either end, approaching the siding. As well as two aspect absolute signals at either end of both tracks. The signals on the siding are single aspect dwarf signals. At Mile 18.5 there is a 2 lane paved grade crossing, with signals and gates which crosses both tracks. Trains should attempt to not block this crossing if possible. The distant approaches for this siding are not controlled by signals.

Mile 24.7: Burnham Ravine Bridge

The single track mainline travels over an older steel plate bridge. There is a 30km/h limit temporarily in place on this bridge, until it is repaired. Due to the grades in the area, this is typically not an issue, as this bridge is close to the crest of the grade. A two aspect signal is also located here controlling Northbound trains on the approach to Ora Siding.

Mile 25.9-27.3: Ora Siding

A standard controlled siding, Ora consists of a Mainline (55km/h), and a passing siding which is rated for 25km/h. Typical two aspect signals control the approaches to either end of the siding on the mainline, as well as at each end of both the Mainline and Passing track. A dwarf single aspect signal sits on the industrial siding, which prohibits activity beyond it when a train is blocked to enter the passing siding.

Mile 28.5: Signal Gantry

A single post signal gantry exists here which displays a two aspect signal in both directions. The gantry is older, but the signals are newer, but still not fully modern (searchlight).

Mile 29.9-31.5: Amherst Station and Yard Facility

Amherst Station is located at Milepost 30.3 on the mainline. A secondary paved platform extends to Yard Track 1, however that is rarely used.

The yard features 6 yard tracks, with track 6 being a run around track. The yard also features a Wye for reversing locomotives, and a two track repair and servicing facility, and 2 single ended storage tracks. The yard is built on a curve. Yardmaster and operations on channel 82: 161.34. The yard features drawback tracks on either side which also serve as the main entrance and exit from the yard. The Mainline Controller authorizes exit from the yard, using signals at either end, which are single aspect absolute signals. The mainline also has single aspect absolute signals at each switch as well, and two aspect signals approaching each switch.

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